Missy Franklin Photos on the set of Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell is our eyes and ears on the set of the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars, and she’s delivered us some great photos of swimming star, Missy Franklin.

Missy Franklin and Shay Mitchell on the set of “Pretty Little Liars”

Franklin’s onset to play herself opposite the show’s star, Mitchell, aka Emily Fields, a swimmer on the series, and from the photo above it appears Franklin is as fearless as ever.

Franklin, the five-time Olympic medalist from 2012 London Olympic Games, is not green when it comes to acting. She’s building her resume and acting chops! Just a little over five weeks ago she went toe-to-toe with movie stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn on the set of The Internship, due out in 2013.

Franklin has been turning heads, recently announcing her commitment to attend the University of California at Berkeley. For an Olympic star who electeded to remain amateur and compete at the NCAA level, Franklin has managed her brand exposure like a pro.

What’s next? The Golden Goggles Awards Show, where she will also star as one of the nominees for Female Athlete of the Year along side Dana Vollmer, Rebecca Soni and Allison Schmitt.

From the set of Pretty Little Liars:

Missy Franklin, Olympic Swimming Star, in hair and makeup on the set of Pretty Little Liars

Missy Franklin, Olympic Swim Star, on the set of Pretty Little Liars, “in Emily’s room”

Missy Franklin, Olympic swimming star, on the set of Pretty Little Liars: Here’s Missy on a lunch break, in her own trailer, after 6 hours on set. Missy then did 3 hours with her teacher, re: homework (which is state law), then back to set for more scene work and some final media interviews.

Parting Shot: One of Missy’s Olympic Gold Medals

Missy Franklin’s 2012 Olympic Gold Medal

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Just curious, do appearances like this count as endorsements in terms of NCAA eligibility? Like is she allowed to get paid for this appearance and in the movie? I hope she is

As far as I know she can only be compensated for necessary expenses on things like The World Cup circuit. Those rules may apply there as well, she is technically making money off of her image…

There actually is a line between ‘student-athlete just also happens to have acting talent good enough to get jobs as purely as an actor’ and ‘student-athlete is appearing because they’re an athletic superstar’. If they’re on set because they’re something of a legit actor, have their SAG card and all that, they can get paid. If they’re on the show because of their athletic ability, then they can’t, it’s my understanding. One of the more interesting acting student-athletes was basketball star Bill Laimbeer. He grew up in southern California, and got recruited to play one of the Slestaks on the original version of ‘Land of the Lost’ as a summer job while he was in high school because he was… Read more »
Philip Johnson

Franklin is so poised for her age. i’m just hoping she can balance all this attention, school, and swimming.

Anonymous #2

I am sorry, but in reality why is this a cover story? No offense to Missy, she is amazing and no one can take that away from her, but again I ask who cares? That is awesome that she was on set and no doubt that the NCAA is keeping an eye on her, but don’t we have other things to be thinking about other than where Missy will be making her next cameo. On top of that the same question can be made about the Jack Conger photo vault, why don’t we just photo vault everybody.

Anonymous #2 – you’re right, there are absolutely more important things going on in the world of swimming. However, think about what Michael Phelps did for swimming when he was constantly in the public eye. He grew the sport’s profile exponentially. To me, that says that these appearances are much more significant to the sport than just a cameo.

Re: photo vaults – That’s our goal!

…because sometimes we just want to enjoy an article about a swimmer for the fun of it.


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