MD Police: No Warrant Issued for Rick Curl’s Arrest, According to System

Thanks to Ceci Christy for making significant contributions to this report.

Update: After Curl turned himself in to the sheriff on Thursday, a release by the police department says that a warrant was issued Tuesday, despite the state’s continued denials that a warrant has been issued.

The Montgomery County Police Department is denying that an arrest warrant has been issued in the state of Maryland for Rick Curl, despite earlier reports from

According to Maryland police, if a warrant had been requested by the District Attorney’s office in Maryland and granted by the District Court, it would have been immediately available in their system. At our request, the Maryland State Attorney’s Office checked its warrants database and could not locate any warrant having been issued for Mr. Curl. Police would not comment further, citing the case as an “ongoing investigation”.

In his original report, Muchnik states that “The State of Maryland has obtained an arrest warrant for Rick Curl for the crimes he committed against Kelley Currin, law enforcement sources today told”

Curl has been at the center of an investigation since the Washington Post broke the news in July that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement in the 1980’s with his former swimmer Kelley Currin. Currin has since filed complaints with several agencies that she was sexually abused by Curl decades ago as a minor at his Curl Burke Swim Club, which has since reorganized and changed their name without Curl’s involvement.

This does not mean that a warrant has not been issued, or is not going to be issued in the near future, but we have been able to confirm that as of posing time on Wednesday evening, no such warrant existed in records where they should exist. Given the late hour in Maryland, there would not likely be any further action on the matter until Thursday morning.

SwimSwam will keep a watch on this story and provide an update if the situation changes.

To read the full chronology of the Rick Curl saga, see the tag page here.


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Despite the publicity this situation has attracted, a prosecutor trying a case that is 25+ years old faces a very tough burden – and I would think the prosecutor in MD would think long and hard before committing to spend substantial resources on this case – and diverting those resources from much more pressing and immediate crimes. Curl has clearly been embarassed and paid a price – if anything, a quick plea would be worked out and then the prosecutor moves on.


Thank you, Braden. I see those posts a lot and hate reading them. I appreciate that you don’t let those types of comments stay on here!!!


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