Missouri Considering Bill That Would Limit Transgender High School Athletes

Missouri’s state government is hearing a bill that would limit transgender high school student-athletes to competing based on the gender found on their birth certificate.

House Joint Resolution 82 would propose a state constitutional amendment requiring students to compete based on their gender at birth. That’s a response to growing conversation about transgender student-athlete participation. Missouri’s House of Representatives heard the resolution this week, while a similar bill will be heard by the state’s senate in the future.

Missouri’s KSHB reports that Representative Robert Ross sponsored the bill. Concerned Women for America spoke in support of the bill, while others were opposed. KSHB quotes former Kansas City Blazers swim coach Veronica Malone, who called the bill discriminatory toward transgender athletes.

Conversation has been growing about transgender athletes, particularly athletes born as biological men who identify as women. Earlier this month, high school athletes in Connecticut filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s policy, under which a transgender athlete won state titles and set state records while competing in girls track events.

A wholesale policy like Missouri is hearing would be different than the policies currently used by USA Swimming. USA Swimming follows the International Olympic Committee policy, which allows transgender women to compete in women’s events, provided they regulate their testosterone levels for a specific period of time before competing in women’s events.

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Seems fair to me.


This is a concern for female athletes who would have to compete against a “biological” born male. This is the only way to have a fair and even playing field for all athletes. Tough decision but have to do what is fair.


Before anyone complains about “transgender rights” I think we should all remember that competing in sports isn’t a right – it’s a privilege. This bill is about ensuring a fair biological playing field in sports.

Swimmer A

A privilege that apparently only extends to cis gendered athletes ^

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