Michigan Will Allow Outdoor Pools to Reopen June 8; Indoor Pools Remain Closed

The state of Michigan, one of the few remaining states that had not made any movement on reopening pools, announced on Monday that the state will move to phase 4 of its reopening plan on June 8, 2020.

“The data has shown that we are ready to carefully move our state into the next phase of the MI Safe Start Plan, but we owe it to our brave frontline heroes to get this right,” said Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “While Michiganders are no longer required to stay home, we must all continue to be smart and practice social distancing, and encourage those who meet the criteria to get tested for COVID-19. If we all do our part, our goal is to announce a shift to phase five for the entire state prior to the fourth of July. Stay smart, stay safe, and let’s all do our part.”

As part of the phase 4 plan, outdoor pools can reopen, so long as local regulations allow, with up to 50% of their bather capacity limits. Pools will be required to follow guidance issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Indoor pools must remain closed for the time being. The phase 4 plan gives no timeline on reopening indoor pools.

Gyms, fitness centers, and other sports organizations may also resume classes, practices, training sessions, or games, provided that coaches, spectators, and participants remain 6 feet apart during the activities, and provided the activities are outside.

The news comes a few days after 3 counties in Southeast Michigan, encompassing the Detroit area that is the state’s most populated area, said that pools there would remain closed ‘indefinitely.’

Southeast Michigan has been one of the country’s hardest-hit areas in the coronavirus pandemic, with Wayne County alone seeing 20,415 confirmed coronavirus cases and 2,461 deaths. That ranks the county as having the 4th-most cases and 5th-most deaths of any county in the country.

Wayne County has, however, seen a dramatic decline in cases in recent weeks. Over the last week, Wayne County has seen fewer-than-6 new daily cases of coronavirus infection per 100,000 citizens. That’s a rate far lower than similarly-sized areas like Philadelphia (which is seeing around 12 new cases per 100,000) and New York County* (around 9 new cases per 100,000).

*While New York City is much larger than Detroit, New York County, which is coterminus with Manhattan, is of a similar size.

The area is also home to a number of large swimming clubs that have produced a large number of national and international swimmers. For example, current U.S. National Teamers Annie Lazor, Gabby DeLoof, Devon Nowicki, and Allison Schmitt all grew up in either Oakland or Wayne Counties.

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Buster Crab
2 years ago

Does anyone know any pools that are opening?

2 years ago

Few if any outdoor pools in Michigan have lanes for Competitive Swimmers and Triathletes.
Scientific Fact: COVID viruses cannot be transmitted in chlorinated water.
Locker rooms are a concern, but distancing could be enforced.
Governor Whitmer has no distancing rules for violent protestors and looters.
People who obey the law are punished, people who break the law are rewarded.
Whitmer can be voted out in 2022.
I’m sure this comment will be deleted because it’s not “politically correct”.

Reply to  GyBx
2 years ago

So you know, trying to make bizarre political comparisons to the protests and “politically correct” does not make your case stronger.

Stay focused. If you’re less annoying to people, they’re more likely to be interested in your opinion.

2 years ago

I was about ready to pack my bags

2 years ago

There are 10x’s as many outdoor Olympic L/C pools in MI as there are indoor so this should work well for getting back to training.

2 years ago

Update: https://www.wxyz.com/news/coronavirus/macomb-county-to-reopen-public-swimming-pools

Outdoor pools for Oakland can open up on the 8th. Macomb right away. No word on Detroit or Wayne County.

D2 American
2 years ago


Reply to  D2 American
2 years ago

Well, with such a reasonable and salient argument, who could dispute you? The capslock are a nice touch.

david frederickson
Reply to  swimapologist
2 years ago


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