Michigan Men and Women Get Ready for NCAAs (Hype Video)

Produced/Reported by Kerry Moore. 

The University of Michigan Swimming and Diving Programs, coming off strong performances at the Big Ten Championships, are looking for big things at the NCAA championships. The No. 6 ranked women, coming off a Big Ten Title, look forward to keeping up the momentum they gained in a championship effort. Ten swimmers will head to Indianapolis as individual qualifiers led by G Ryan’s 3rd place seed in the 100 free. The women qualified all five relays and three divers into the meet bringing the total count of NCAA competitors to 13.

The No. 11 men look to make a big impact at the NCAA’s by bringing eight individual qualifiers into the meet. Freshman distance swimmer and 2016 Austrian Olympian, Felix Auböck leads the Wolverines with top seeds in both the 500 and 1650 freestyles. The men also qualified all five relays and will bring a total of 12 athletes into the meet. The Michigan mens’ swimming program is tied with Texas for the most NCAA Championships with 12.

Individual qualifiers: juniors Gabby DeLoof, Emily Kopas, Carolyn McCann, G Ryan and Clara Smiddy; sophomores Yirong Bi, Siobhán Haughey, Becca Postoll and Astrid Swensen; and freshman Vanessa Krause.
Divers: seniors: Allie Murphy and Keegan McCaffrey; and Freshman Kristen Hayden
Relay swimmer: Catie DeLoof
Michigan‘s selections with seeding:
100-yard Freestyle: Siobhán Haughey (9th)
200-yard Freestyle: Siobhán Haughey (4th), Gabby DeLoof (15th), G Ryan (26th), Yirong Bi (28th), Becca Postoll (39th)
500-yard Freestyle: G Ryan (3rd), Yirong Bi (4th), Becca Postoll (13th)
1,650-yard Freestyle: G Ryan (4th), Yirong Bi (7th)
100-yard Backstroke: Clara Smiddy (22nd)
200-yard Backstroke: Clara Smiddy (11th), Gabby DeLoof (24th)
100-yard Breaststroke: Emily Kopas (15th), Carolyn McCann (38th)
200-yard Breaststroke: Emily Kopas (21st)
100-yard Butterfly: Vanessa Krause (29th)
200-yard Butterfly: Vanessa Krause (19th), Astrid Swensen (24th)
200-yard IM: Siobhán Haughey (14th), Clara Smiddy (18th)
400-yard IM: None
200-yard Freestyle Relay: 13th (Vanessa Krause, Gabby DeLoof, Catie DeLoof, Siobhán Haughey)
400-yard Freestyle Relay: 11th (Catie DeLoof, Siobhán Haughey, Becca Postoll, Gabby DeLoof)
800-yard Freestyle Relay: 4th (Yirong Bi, Siobhán Haughey, Gabby DeLoof, G Ryan)
200-yard Medley Relay: 27th (Clara Smiddy, Emily Kopas, Vanessa Krause, Catie DeLoof)
400-yard Medley Relay: 14th (Clara Smiddy, Emily Kopas, Vanessa Krause, Siobhán Haughey)
Individual qualifiers:
senior Chris Klein; juniors Paul Powers, PJ Ransford and Evan White; and freshmen Felix Auböck, Jacob Montague, Miles Smachlo and Charlie Swanson.
Relay swimmers: sophomore Mokhtar Al-Yamani, freshman James Jones, senior Jack Mangan, and junior Tristan Sanders.
Michigan‘s selections with seeding:
50-yard Freestyle: Paul Powers (4th)
100-yard Freestyle: Paul Powers (28th)
200-yard Freestyle: Felix Auböck (11th)
500-yard Freestyle: Felix Auböck (1st), PJ Ransford (14th)
1,650-yard Freestyle: Felix Auböck (1st), PJ Ransford (7th)
100-yard Breaststroke: Jacob Montague (10th), Chris Klein (30th)
200-yard Breaststroke: Chris Klein (9th), Jacob Montague (12th)
100-yard Butterfly: Evan White (25th)
200-yard Butterfly: Miles Smachlo (21st)
200-yard IM: Evan White (17th), Jacob Montague (18th), Chris Klein (26th)
400-yard IM: Charlie Swanson (8th)
200-yard Freestyle Relay: 18th (Paul Powers, James Jones, Vinny Tafuto, Luke Papendick)
400-yard Freestyle Relay: 15th (Paul Powers, James Jones, Tristan Sanders, Felix Auböck)
800-yard Freestyle Relay: 8th (Mokhtar Al-Yamani, Felix Auböck, Tristan Sanders, Jack Mangan)
200-yard Medley Relay: 11th (Tristan Sanders, Chris Klein, Vinny Tafuto, Paul Powers)
400-yard Medley Relay: 18th (Tristan Sanders, Jacob Montague, Evan White, Paul Powers)
About Kerry Moore
Kerry is a former Indiana age-grouper for the LaPorte Turbos, was a four-year MVP in high school, and eventually helmed his old high school team as the head boys’ swim coach at New Prairie High in New Carlisle, Indiana from 2001-2006.

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Brock Dalton
4 years ago

With the number of swimmers qualified I think that Michigan can change up the results slightly but I don’t think they will place any higher than 5th in the final points standings

Mama G
Reply to  Brock Dalton
4 years ago

You are talking about the women’s team, correct?

John b
Reply to  Mama G
4 years ago

The men have a shot at 5, will most likely pace top 10.

jay ryan
Reply to  John b
4 years ago

The Mich men have a stellar freshman class.

4 years ago

Felix O. had some big time drops in the 500 and 1650 free.

He’s in contention to win those events.

Michigan won’t have to deal with a long trip or time-zone changes. That’s a plus in their favor.

Def Man
4 years ago

Michigan’s relays may have trouble scoring big points. But yes, a great freshman class and the team swam well at Big Tens. Chris Klein really stepped his game up his senior year.

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