Michael Scott “Willing to Apply” for Aussie High Performance Role

  6 Braden Keith | November 24th, 2012 | Featured, International, News

On the same day as it was revealed that Michael Scott had resigned as the head of performance for British Swimming, rumors emerged that he would be a candidate to take over a high performance role in Australia, where he has lived despite working with the British program.

New Swimming Australia president Barclay Nettlefold, when asked about the potential for filling the position, said “We are advertising starting tomorrow for the role. Michael is looking at a few options across various sports in Australia that is accurate.

“He is willing to apply for our role, Nettlefold continued, an indicator that a conversation has at least been had.

Nettlefold’s comments also indicate that Scott has perhaps interest in looking outside of the pool for his next role.

In August, at Scott’s behest, British Swimming launched an investigation into its performance at the London Olympics, and one of those findings was that Scott needed to relocate to the UK, something he was unwilling to do. That lead to his resignation.

Great Britain has now lost both Scott and Dennis Pursley, the two leads of their National Team program, since the Olympics. Both men came to their jobs from outside of the country, as Pursley is an American.

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3 years 11 months ago

Tip: Spelled Pursley, with only 1 “e.”

3 years 11 months ago

Michael is the last of his league. Pol Pot , Ghenghis Khan , Attila The Hun , Ivan The Terrible are not available.

I would have preferred Ghaddafi but again , gone.

Pickins must indeed be slim.

Scott spranklin
3 years 11 months ago


Where do you get this info from?

Scott spranklin
3 years 11 months ago


Also wondering do you ever have anything positive to say?

3 years 11 months ago

Per michael ? Actually I do . He started off with the NSWIS & had a good rapport with athletes. Then as the 2000 Olympics loomed his ambition took over.

Since then his nose has been firmly into the Guvmint Trough. Doesn’t matter which guv but if it is Taxpayer Funded – he is in like Flynn – without the fun.

Elsewhere Private Enterprise has stepped up in the large figure of Gina Reinholdt , the world’s richest lady.

Gina iz de noo boss with 10 million /over 4 years to reward any decent performances of Australian swimming.

And Gina don’t give money out to flunks. Her children are suing because she thinks they are too stupid to inherit her $$$$.

Hence , as I wrote earlier ,the Australian Taxpayer can go back to bettering the opportunities for ALL Australians eg Beach lifeguards , Learn to Swim etc.

See Scott , I am a very positive swim fan. I always visit SwimSwam for some fun. I like it.

As yet I have not been banned.

3 years 11 months ago

Not sure who JG is, but he clearly has no clue who he is talking about and how MS goes about his business. It would be a huge upgrade if Australian Swimming hired the man as their performance director. With the all the other great coaching hires Australia has made via state institutes, they will be back in the fray in no time at all.


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