Michael Phelps Talks Ledecky, Playlists, and Zika in Rio

Michael Phelps met with media on Saturday from the Northside Aquatic Center in San Antonio, Texas and participated in a 20 minute press conference.

Among the subjects broached:

  • How in awe he is of Katie Ledecky, her work ethic, and her swimming mind
  • What music he’s listening to (at Trials: Eminem, Young Jeezy, Steve Aoki, Eric Church)
  • Boomer
  • Facebook Live
  • Rookies
  • Relay exchanges (and rookies)
  • Tony Parker’s views on championships
  • Controlling emotional energy
  • Phelps has no concern over having his family in Rio with Zika virus
  • The Olympic village (he says they’re nicer than any other bedrooms he’s seen in Olympic villages)

Phelps and the rest of the U.S. Olympic Team will be training in San Antonio until July 21st, at which point they will shift their training to the 1996 Olympic pool at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was named as the new site for the team’s final pre-Olympic preparations after the originally-planned site in Puerto Rico was scrapped over Zika concerns.

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Swim Taxi Dad
6 years ago

I wonder if Phelps is still considering going to the dolphin kick at the end of the 200 IM, should he feel up to it. It might be a real difference-maker in getting his hand on the wall first in what’s likely to be a very close race.

6 years ago

one of the few times Bob hasn’t sat in on Michael’s interview…..good to see…..after 2 decades, I think Michael can handle himself quite well. hardly ever see Durden in on Nathan’s interviews or even Gemmell on Katie’s interviews.

Lp Man
Reply to  weirdo
6 years ago

Thank you! My thoughts exactly

Reply to  weirdo
6 years ago

I personally like hearing Bob’s point of view on certain things. He is less a broken record than Michael is, and they have a good dynamic the two of them.

Also as side note, David Marsh sat in on a few of Ryan’s press conferences this year, so it’s not MP specific.

Lp Man
Reply to  samh
6 years ago

Bob consistently hogs the limelight and rides the coattails of MP. I have been saying this for years

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Lp Man
6 years ago

Bowman rarely talks in the interviews that he sits in on. It’s usually 90% Phelps 10% Bowman.

Reply to  Lp Man
6 years ago

If you coached Michael Phelps, would you be “ignoring the coat tails or riding them”

Reply to  Lp Man
6 years ago

and you have been wrong for years

Reply to  Lp Man
6 years ago

Rides the coattails? Bob designed the coat. (MP does wear it well).

He wouldn’t be in the presser (or not) if they both didn’t want it that way. Your interpretation is odd.

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