Lochte Gets A Tan, Ledecky Finds Date In Phelps Facebook Video

Michael Phelps‘s latest Facebook live broadcast comes from the Team USA training camp in San Antonio and features a number of high-profile cameos.

Phelps posted two live videos Friday, one before the team’s practice at the San Antonio Northside Swim Center and another on the team bus after practice.

The videos give an inside glimpse at some of the team dynamics on the U.S. Olympic Team, and swim nerds will love the features for their long list of cameos from big-name swimmers.

The first video is a short look at the team before practice. Phelps finds longtime Team USA teammate Ryan Lochte for a brief chat, and also gets head men’s Olympic coach Bob Bowman in on the action for a brief moment.

The second video is the longer one, which takes place on the team bus after a training session. Phelps, seated next to Lochte on the bus, chats with teammates around him – conducting a fan-directed interview with world record smasher Katie Ledeckyconvincing his shirtless seatmate Lochte – “I want to get a tan,” he explains – to flex for fans and getting the bubbly Elizabeth Beisel to sing country songs.

A few of the high points: Team USA shares some of their favorite songs, Phelps introduces “the oldest dudes here” – himself, Lochte, David Plummer and Anthony Ervinwho sit together in the back of the bus – Beisel and Caeleb Dressel try to take over Phelps’ Facebook live feed with ridiculous questions of their own and Ledecky shows off a little bit of dry sarcasm, including when a fan asks her on a date through Phelps’ Facebook feed.

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6 years ago

These videos are great. It lets us fans see that even our heroes, the Olympians, can relax and have a good time like normal people.

6 years ago

I really enjoy seeing this type of video with my swimming superheroes just hanging out and relaxing!

6 years ago

Never thought about it til I saw them sitting next to eachother, but I bet Beisel and Dressel would be hilarious to be around. Seems like their dynamic would be great.

6 years ago

Is training camp in San Antonio? For some reason I thought they were in Atlanta?

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Bman1602
6 years ago

I think the Atlanta one’s a substitute for a different, later trip? (Might’ve replaced PR, b/c of Zika.)

Steve Nolan
6 years ago

Caeleb’s not messing around with those shorts. He has now made a new fan and it is me. (Little over 3 minutes into the 2nd video.)

6 years ago

How many of these Fb video does Phelps have to make to earn his 200k?

Lochte is smokin hotttttt
Litherland is major cute

Reply to  Arya
6 years ago

It’s 200k per vid

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Quinn
6 years ago

I don’t think it’s $200k per video. I think it’s 200k total.

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