Michael Phelps had 1 goal in the 200 breastroke (Video Interview)

Phelps is a man who has done it all, although during his illustrious career he’s never really tested the waters in breaststroke. Tonight he fell just short of a podium finish which would have made him one of the few swimmers to ever medal in every stroke at U.S. Nationals.

However, he did accomplish a lot more than just getting 4th in the 200 breastroke this weekend. As he mentions above, he broke the NBAC record formerly held by 2008 Olympian and Texas alum Scott Spann. More importantly, Phelps had a meet like we haven’t seen from him in the better part of a decade. He smashed world best times, his competition, and most importantly everyone’s expectations, I think even his own.

Like he has done so many times in the past, he redefined what is possible, and what we think is possible for the future. He continues to grow the sport and generate excitement in a way that no one else can mirror, and in the next year the anticipation for his performance in Rio will just keep growing. As the man said himself, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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5 years ago

Wow.. never thought of Phelps doing a breaststroke event!

Coach Mike 1952
5 years ago

Actually, I believe he got 5th not 4th. Regardless, it is obvious that he WAS indeed having fun and showing he can even swim breaststroke well. Next year is going to be something else, especially since his motivation – and conditioning – are both higher than anyone has seen in 7 or 8 years.

5 years ago

I take back the comment I made when MP first came out with his plans to get back into swimming. That was, what, about a year ago? I take it back! He has surpassed everything me or anyone else, including himself, could have ever expected from him at this time. I see exciting things for next year for MP. I am finally excited again about swimming in general. 2012 was a disappointing, boring olympics not only for MP but for everyone. It just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t the same not seeing that red WR line on the bottom of the pool get smashed like MP did in the past. His heavy breaststroke training has really paid off. Now he… Read more »

Reply to  TheZamboniRoom
5 years ago

I agree on the individual events.. But he’s still a very vital piece for the U.S. on the two free relays (so still has to work the 100 and 200 free)

But cutting the two individual events (400 IM and 2 free) from his schedule will be huge, considering that’s 6 less swims.. Especially the 3 400 IMs

Hate that the 100 fly is on the last day of competition.. But hopefully he leads off both free relays just to see what he does in the 100 and 2 free flat start shaved and tapered

Reply to  Drew
5 years ago

When he came back, I wanted to see what he would be able to do in the 100 free and 100 fly when he focused specifically on the sprint events.. And was able to add more bulk and strength to his frame because he was cutting the longer events and the overall total number events he was doing Initially I assumed he would go 100 fly and 100 free and MAYBE either 200 IM or free as a 3rd event.. And the 3 relays I assume at trials he goes 100 and 200 fly and 200 IM.. He might swim the prelims of the 100 free just to register a time, but the coaches know what I he can do… Read more »

Reply to  Drew
5 years ago

2 X 400 IM.

Reply to  TheZamboniRoom
5 years ago

Heavy breaststroke training? Not according to MP. He said his focus has been almost exclusively on fly with some color sets of free. No meaningful back or breast training.

Reply to  Fluidg
5 years ago

It might not be heavy Breaststroke training but he said it’s been his 2nd stroke he’s been training(behind fly obviously). He’s done 0 back and free training, according to him.

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