Race For Gold: Jack Conger Video Interview

Video courtesy of USA Swimming. 

Olympic hopeful Jack Conger is entering his junior year at the University of Texas as the American record holder in the 200 yard butterfly. He is among the favorites to make the Olympic team in the butterfly events after two second place finishes to Michael Phelps in the 100 and 200 butterfly at the US National Championships.

As reported on Day 2 of the 2015 US National Championships:


  • Gold – Michael Phelps 1:52.94
  • Silver – Jack Conger 1:54.54
  • Bronze – Clark Pace 1:57.83

Michael Phelps is back.

Read that again, Michael Phelps is back.

If there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mind that Phelps would return to the 200m butterfly and rock it, Phelps proved them wrong with an incredible 1:52.94 performance.

That’s the fastest time in the world this year. That’s faster than he was at the 2012 London Olympic Games. That’s the first national title Phelps has won since the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Phelps went off to his winning ways in the event early, taking the lead right from the get-go and never relinquishing it. At the touch, he finished well ahead of all his competitors with the closest being Jack Conger in 1:54.54.

Conger came back hard on Phelps towards the end in order to put up the seventh fastest time in the world this year. Both Conger and Phelps were well ahead of bronze medallist Clark Pace who ended up finishing over three second behind Conger, and almost five behind Phelps with a 1:57.83.

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As reported on Day 3 of the 2015 US National Championships:


There was a lot of hype surrounding Michael Phelps‘ swim this evening after Chad Le Clos won the World Championship title in the same event today with a time of 50.56. After his race, Le Clos called out Phelps saying his time was faster than Phelps has been in the last four years, so he can keep his mouth shut now.

Michael Phelps responded with a world best 50.45, beating the time of the World Champion, Chad le Clos. Here is what Phelps had to say about Le Clos:

I saw the times, I saw the comments. There are a lot of things I could say, but I won’t. I let what I what I do in the pool do all of my talking, and that’s how I’ve always done things. From a standpoint of what anybody else says, that’s their own business. You can keep saying anything, I don’t mind it, but you won’t get a rise out of me.

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Although Phelps stole the show, the rest of the final swam very well. NCAA stars Jack Conger and David Nolan finished second and third at 51.33 and 52.15, respectively.

Giles Smith was one spot out of a bronze medal with his time of 52.23, but he did edge out Matthew Josa, the fifth place finisher with a 52.28.

Connor Black, Tripp Cooper, and Baxston Timm finished sixth through eighth between 52.61 and 53.38.

Long Gutierrez won the B final with his time of 52.22 and Ryan Hoffer won the 18&u final with his time of 53.09.

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5 years ago

Obviously Conger is a great swimmer, but I’m just not sold on him yet (as Olympic gold potential). He was the top recruit entering college (one of the best recruits ever) and still hasn’t won an individual event. Maybe its just me and I’m totally wrong.

I know he’s transitioning from Bk to more Fr/FL, but seems like he’s been anointed before doing anything major. He gets way more press than Murphy despite less accomplishments.

At Conger’a age, Phelps won 6 golds/2 bronze in Athens. I sense a similarity to Feigen, he’s gonna have some big swims here/there, but not be a consistent thing.

Not looking for an argument but some thoughts?

Swimmer A
Reply to  Unsure
5 years ago

It’s nice to have something to be excited about. His long course times aren’t at that next level yet, but he’s definitely improving and it seems like he’s found his niche in fly. It’s not really fair to compare him to phelps and his accomplishments, but the media will keep using them in the same sentence because they’re both from Maryland and swim fly and Conger could honestly be the guy to take over as the US flier once phelps is done. Don’t think about what Conger will be in the future, just appreciate the good summer he had.

5 years ago

Was so happy to see Conger bounce back in LC after a lackluster past summer.
I think he has a shot at the following in the fly and frees next summer:


Swimmer A
5 years ago

As far as Murphy goes… break out swims make headlines. The same way that Murphy and Licon had similar NCAA meets, but Licon was the one everyone was talking about. It’s because Murphy did exactly what we thought he would. His backstroke wins seemed almost routine. It doesn’t make them any less impressive, but you’re always going to be drawn to the unexpected, and Conger really did that this year with his 2 fly american record, 47.7 relay split, 51.6 grand prix swim, etc.

Swimmer A
Reply to  Swimmer A
5 years ago

Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to Unsure ^^

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