Michael Andrew on Sacrifice, Trials Prep & MA Swim Academy on Champion’s Mojo

Swimming podcast feature is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner.


You’ll want to listen to this powerful in-depth interview with 2021 Olympic hopeful Michael Andrew on the Champion’s Mojo Podcast, Episode #118. Michael returns to the podcast to talk about his recent success, the sacrifices he’s made and embracing his talent and hard work so he never “wastes grace” in his life. He also talks with Kelly and Maria about his mindset change when it comes to competitively swimming the 200 IM.  He also shares some exciting details about the Michael Andrew Swim Academy.

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About Champion’s Mojo: Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are the hosts of the award winning podcast, Champion’s Mojo, where they talk with champion guests, including over 50 Olympic Swimmers and Olympic Coaches.  The Champion’s Mojo podcast discovers techniques, mindsets and new wisdom for growth and success. Not only are Kelly and Maria both world-record holding athletes, they are certified Health and Life Coaches, sisters-in-law and best friends. They are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and overcome life’s adversities. Champion’s Mojo is part of the CG Sports Company.

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