Michael Andrew Leads US Jr World Championship Team With 5 Events

The following swimmers and coaches have been chosen to represent Team USA at the upcoming 2015 FINA World Championships. The championships will be in Singapore and take place from Aug 25th to the 30th. The team is currently scheduled to reassemble on August 20th to travel to Singapore for the Championships.

The women’s team is much more spread out, with one five swimmers entered in multiple individual events. Claire Adams, Grace Ariola, Cassidy Bayer,  Hannah Cox, and Brooke Forde will lead the team after strong performances in San Antonio this week.

The women’s team will be coached by Chuck Batchelor of Bluefish Swim Club. Elizabeth Beisel trained under Batchelor before she went to college in Florida and started training with Gregg Troy. Batchelor will be assisted by Dorsi Raynolds, Jeff King, and Bill Rose.

On the men’s side, Michael Andrew leads the team with five individual events. He qualified for the 100m back, 100m breast, 100m fly, 50m free, and the 200m IM. Other swimmers with mutilpe individual events in their program include Maxime Rooney and Grant Shoults in the freestyle events, Sean Grieshop in both IM’s, Michael Taylor in both backstrokes, and Reece Whitley in both breaststrokes. Ryan Hoffer will also have two individual swims in the 100 fly and 100 free.

The men’s team will be coached by Tim O’Brien. O’Brien leads the national group at Nitro and has done a ton to build up that program. Three swimmers from his team, Taylor Abbott, Sean Grieshop, and Chris Yeager, all qualified for the team. O’Brien will be assisted by Geoff Brown, Geoff Sheuer, and Brent Arckey.

The full USA Swimming Jr World Championship Team Roster can be found below:


Claire Adams (Carmel Swim Club): 100m back, 200m back
Grace Ariola (Waves Bloomington/Normal): 100m back, 200m back
Margaret Aroesty (Long Island Aquatic Club): 200 breast
Cassidy Bayer (Nation’s Capital Swim Club): 100m fly, 200m fly
Lauren Case (Chattahoochee Gold): 100m fly, 800m free relay
Hannah Cox (Upper Valley Aquatic Club): 200m free, 400m free
Savannah Faulconer (Spartaquatics): 400m IM
Brooke Forde (Lakeside Swim Team): 200m IM, 400M IM
Gabrielle Kopenski (Texas Ford Aquatics): 800m free
Hannah Kukurugya (Crown Point Swim Club): 200m fly
Kenisha Liu (Brea Aquatics): 400m free relay
Kennedy Lohman (Lakeside Swim Team): 100m breast
Ashley McCauley (Marlins of Raleigh): 200m breast
Stanzi Moesley (Roadrunner Aquatic Club): 100m free
Beata Nelson (Madison Aquatic Club): 400m free relay
Melissa Pish (Waves Bloomington/Normal): 200m free
Lauren Pitzer (Lakeside Aquatic Club): 50m free
Nikol Popov (Canyons Aquatic Club): 100m breast
Sierra Schmidt (North Baltimore Aquatic Club): 400m free
Samantha Shelton (Mission Viejo Nadadores): 800m free relay
Ashley Volpenhein (Mason Manta Rays): 50m free
Tatum Wade (Nashville Aquatic Club): 200m IM

Taylor Abbott (Nitro Swimming): 1500m free
Michael Andrew (Indie Swimming): 100m back, 100m breast, 100m fly, 50m free, 200m IM
Chandler Bray (Avon Community Swim Team): 200m breast
Sean Grieshop (Nitro Swimming): 200m IM, 400m IM
Zach Harting (Huntsville Swim Association): 200m fly
Matthew Hirschberger (Nation’s Capital Swim Club): 400m free, 800m free relay
Ryan Hoffer (Scottsdale Aquatics): 100m fly, 100m free
Grant House (Countryside YMCA): 800m free relay
Michael Jensen (Upper Dublin Aquatic Club): 400m free relay
James William Jones (Nation’s Capital Swim Club): 50m free
Austin Katz (Sarasota YMCA Sharks): 200m back
Daniel Krueger (McFarland Spartan Sharks): 400m free relay
Maxime Rooney (Pleasanton Seahawks): 100m free, 200m free
Grant Shoults (Mission Viejo Nadadores): 200m free, 400m free
Charles Swanson (NOVA of Virginia): 400m IM
Michael Taylor (Dynamo Swim Club): 100m back, 200m back
Michael Thomas (Upper Dublin Aquatic Club): 200m fly
Reece Whitley (Penn Charter Aquatic Club): 100m breast, 200m breast
Chris Yeager (Nitro Swimming): 1500m free

Women’s Head Coach Women: Chuck Batchelor
Women’s Assistant Coaches: Dorsi Raynolds, Jeff King, Bill Rose
Men’s Head Coach: Tim O’Brien
Men’s Assistant Coaches: Geoff Brown, Geoff Sheuer, Brent Arckey
Physician: Tad Kremen

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It’s so cool, because my hometown has 2 girls going, Melissa Pish and Grace Ariola. Best of luck!

bobo gigi

Potentially 7 events for Andrew if we add the 4X100 free and medley relays.. Not sure he’ll swim all 7. In 6 days that’s a little bit too much.

Very strong men’s team with no weaknesses.
Andrew, Grieshop, Rooney, Taylor, Thomas and Whitley as leaders
Biggest name missing:
Nicholas Sweetser (1997) 3.49.33 in the 400 free/15.10.73 in the 1500 free

Very good women’s team too. But sprint weaknesses. Like the older Americans after all.
Claire Adams, Cassidy Bayer, Nikol Popov, Gabrielle Kopenski , Stanzi Moseley and Sierra Schmidt as leaders.
Biggest names missing:
Courtney Harnish (1999) 2.00.17 in the 200 free/4.08.22 in the 400 free
Vanessa Pearl (1999) 2.28.64 in the 200 breast
Alex Walsh (2001) 2.10.55 in the 200 back
Marta Ciesla (1998) 25.07 in the 50 free

bobo gigi

And I forget the 50s of stroke for Andrew! 🙄


Actually Alex Walsh didn’t compete in nationals…so unfortunately she won’t be on the World Jr. Team


What about the 50’s of strokes, have those been confirmed yet? I know that the swimmers that were top 2 get to pick if the want to swim those. I wonder if Michael Andrew will try to do all 8 events that he is qualified for. I’m looking at the schedule, and he has some awfully tough PM sessions. For example, on day 2 he has the 100 back final, 100 fly semi, 100 breast final, and 200 IM final.

bobo gigi

I didn’t look at the schedule. It’s awful for him. The 100 breast and the 200 IM are his best events to win gold medals and both finals are on the same day!
And I believe there were no semifinals.
Will have to make very smart choices and look at where he has the most chances of winning gold.
1 gold is better than 5 finals.


Actually, 5 finals may be better. If you go on to have a successful career, a World Junior Championship won’t be your claim to fame. Swimming 5 events at an international meet – plus relays (something MA has never really swam) – may be better preparation for next year than swimming just 2 events…

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