Mallory Comerford Out, Allison Schmitt In for Cali Condors

The Cali Condors have made another late change to their 2020 ISL roster, and have made the biggest pickup since team rosters were first formally announced 2 weeks ago.

While the loss of former American Record holder Mallory Comerford hurts, the Condors’ replacement, another American Record holder Allison Schmitt, will help smooth that over. The Condors continue to appear as one of the few teams that has even a chance of challenging the defending champion Energy Standard Club in the 2020 season.

Schmitt, who trains under Bob Bowman and who has spent much of her career as a training partner to Michael Phelps, did not participate in season 1 of the ISL. But the 30-year old has had an apparent change of heart late in the process and agreed to join the 5-week camp, and probable championship camp, this season.

Schmitt is the owner of 4 Olympic gold medals, including an individual 200 free at the 2012 Summer Olympics, as part of 8 total Olympic medals.

In long course, that 2012 Olympic gold medal in the 200 free is the 2nd-fastest swim in the history of the event, behind only Federica Pellegrini of Aqua Centurions.

She is also a former World Champion in the 200 free in short course meters – which is the course used by the ISL.

After a mid-career lull in performance, Schmitt has re-emerged as a part of the U.S. elite over the last 2 years. That includes a spot on both American silver medal winning free relays at the 2019 World Championships.

Schmitt’s Best Times in SCM/LCM:

50 free 24.74 22.48
100 free 53.07 47.77 53.8
200 free 1:51.67 1:40.62 1:53.61
400 free 3:59.71 4:32.08 (500y) 4:01.77
100 fly 58.29 53.23 1:00.02
200 fly 2:07.20 1:56.67 2:11.26

Schmitt’s Best Times in LCM Since 2016 Olympic Games:

50 free 25.54
100 free 53.80
200 free 1:55.82
400 free 4:08.46
100 fly 1:01.22

Schmitt overall has similar event skills to Comerford, who she is replacing. At this point in their careers, the 23-year old Comerford has surpassed Schmitt on the international register, especially in long course. Last season, though, Comerford didn’t really race up to her full potential.

Individually, she finished mostly in the bottom-half of her events, though in the Las Vegas finale she did come closer to her best times.

The Condors are stacked in the sprint freestyle events, with names like Kelsi Dahlia, Natalie Hinds, Olivia Smoliga, Veronica Burchill, Erika Brown, another late addition Lia Neal, and maybe even Beata Nelson to use there. With Haley Anderson joining the team late, that puts them in good shape in the 400 free too. The addition of Schmitt gives the Condors some serious A-B free relay firepower, gives them more flexibility in resting their ‘skins’ swimmers in the mixed 400 free relay late in the meet, and gives the Condors coaching staff another option to choose the ‘hot hand.’

She also brings some more starpower to a Condors roster that already has a lot of it. In a bit of a strange ISL season, driven by complications from the coronavirus pandemic, that starpower might be as valuable to the long-term health of the club, and the league, as any specific times are.

CALI CONDORS’ Final 2020 ISL Roster
1 Townley Haas USA Allison Schmitt USA
2 Tate Jackson USA Kelsi Dahlia USA
3 Kacper Majchrzak POL Molly Hannis USA
4 Radoslaw Kawecki POL Hali Flickinger USA
5 Mark Szaranek GBR Natalie Hinds USA
6 Tomas Peribonio ECU Olivia Smoliga USA
7 Justin Ress USA Melanie Margalis USA
8 Khader Baqlah JOR Lilly King USA
9 Coleman Stewart USA Veronica Burchill USA
10 Caeleb Dressel USA Meghan Small USA
11 Bowe Becker USA Erika Brown USA
12 Kevin Cordes USA Beata Nelson USA
13 Nic Fink USA Sherridon Dressel USA
14 Marcin Cieslak POL Lia Neal USA
15 Eddie Wang TPE Kelly Fertel USA
16 Gunnar Bentz USA Haley Anderson USA

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1 month ago

Reason for Mallory leaving?

Reply to  OF
1 month ago

Seeing now titled it has become to the absolute top level swimmers I think people are catching on that this thing is a sham

Reply to  Pvdh
1 month ago

Can you explain how it’s a sham? I’m curious?

Reply to  Pvdh
1 month ago

I wouldn’t say its a sham because it is doing what its original purpose was to do which was to make swimming more popular. The recent CBS TV deal is a signal of them moving in the right direction. A smaller goal which was to help swimming become more popular was to make it easier for non-superstar swimmers to make a living off of the sport which wasn’t possible before. It really doesn’t seem like ISL has made this priority due to so many participants receiving literally $0 for racing in some of the meets while some of the top tier names make ten’s of thousands at the same meet. Additionally, with the added pay bonus of being an ambassador,… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Entgegen
Reply to  Entgegen
1 month ago

Your comment about some swimmers receiving $0 is incorrect for this upcoming season. Everyone gets at least $15,000.

Reply to  Pvdh
1 month ago

It’s a pretty sweet deal to be able to train and compete in an environment with other world-class swimmers for 2 1/2 months, get paid no less than 15k, and have all your expenses paid.

1 month ago

Go Schmitty!

1 month ago

Didn’t want to post on Jeff Julian’s article, where the assistant coaches were mentioned. How is Sean Schimmel an assistant coach for Cali Condors??? Bad choice, he ran Arkansas girls team into the ground and the comments he was rumored to have said, “why don’t you lose 5lbs”.

Corn Pop
Reply to  CoachJonDavid
1 month ago

I don’t think these ladies will be taking that crap from some unknown guy. .

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