Lochte, Feigen Forbidden From Leaving Brazil Until Evidence Lines Up

As we have been reporting over the last few days, Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were robbed and held up at gunpoint early Sunday morning after spending a night out following the final session of the Olympic swimming competition.

News has continued to break about the story all week, including the IOC denying the incident happened all together, and Lochte’s mom revealing that it in fact did happen. Lochte confirmed that it was true the following day and spoke about it on NBC.

A lot of the ongoing issues have stemmed from the fact that the swimmers did not file a police report, nor did they initially inform the USOC about the incident.

Things seem to have escalated once again, as the police have reportedly banned Lochte and Feigen from leaving the country until the story becomes clear and evidence is revealed, according to oglobo.com.

The police apparently received contradictory reports from both Lochte and Feigen about the incident, and the statements from the taxi driver don’t match up with their story.

Once the authorities found out that Lochte had already left the country on Monday, they obtained a warrant and searched the swimmers’ rooms in the Olympic village, mainly to locate Feigen’s cell phone to determine their location during the time of the attack. None of the four swimmers were found by police at the village, according to Globo.

USOC spokesperson Patrick Sandusky spoke about the incident, stating “there was no effort to detain anyone, but police did have further questions this a.m. It is a matter for our consulate and U.S. citizen services and we will continue to cooperate with all involved”, per USA Today.

There is no information as to why Bentz and Conger were not included in the report that suggests Lochte and Feigen were banned from leaving the country.



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Attila the Hunt

According to Reuters, Lochte had already fled the country.

Is Lochte really this ridiculously dumb?


He was done swmiming at that point, and he knew he would be. Where is the evidence that suggests that he “fled” ? because it appears that he just went home because he most likely had a flight already planned and just went home because he was leaving anyways.

Attila the Hunt

Hi Lochte’s mum!


I’m just trying to make a point of the story, the whole story doesn’t seem to add up on the logical side.

Attila the Hunt

The whole story adds up very logically, nicely and elegantly if you just accept the fact that Lochte lied about the robbery.


Not a lochte fan eh?


What about the 3 other swimmers? Have you heard their stories? I agree, its all a bit sketchy, but why would Ryan make it up in the first place? Stop being an ignorant internet troll.


Caleb Dressel returned home too! I bet he fled the country as well!

Attila the Hunt

From http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/rio-2016/2016/08/16/ryan-lochte-robbery-gunpoint-rio-taxi-security/88865556/

“The swimmer cut his stay short and arrived back in the United States on Tuesday.”

In plain language: Lochte fled the country.

Steve Nolan

Well, saying “fled” implies motive in evading police. He could’ve just wanted to get the hell out of a place where he was robbed.

Attila the Hunt

He was robbed?
What did the robbers take? Where were they robbed? How come none of the other three swimmers has said anything about the “robbery”

Because from the CCTV when they arrived back in the Olympics village they still had their watches, phones, wallets and their 6k sneakers.


Didn’t the other swimmers confirm they were robbed?


How about cash?


Most of the time when one has had a gun pointed at your head, one tends not to stick around.


or just went to school


I suspected that this may have been fabricated and stated as such on a previous story yesterday, but I don’t think Lochte fled. Most of these swimmers have gone home at this point.


Leaving is the smartest thing to do. What would happen if they are accused of a crime, or if the cartel is involved he would have a death marl on him. Safer in US where they won’t extradite him.

Attila the Hunt

Fleeing Brazil was the smartest thing he did.

Lying and making a joke about getting robbed at gunpoint was not.


“I’m an internet troll, and my asinine opinions should be treated as facts”-Attila, probably

Attila the Hunt

My opinions?

Have you read the news developing on in this so called “Lochte’s robbery”, not only at swimswam but also in international media?


Another day, another pointless crusade for Attila the Hunt.

Attila the Hunt

And yet here you are….




Yada, on this argument you may be right but on the other it was you being ridiculous.


Well obviously I disagree but I’m not going to rehash it here

Victor P

I’ve read the reports and nothing indicates that Lochte lied. Have YOU read the reports on the number of athletes who have been assaulted/robbed in Rio, stray gunshots at sports venues? I’m pretty sure that a number of US Olympians don’t all of a sudden decide to ruin their reputations and careers by fabricating such an elaborate lie, including Lochte involving his mother in the conspiracy. Furthermore, it has been confirmed by multiple individuals, including those directly involved in the incident.

This whole thing is disgusting and I wouldn’t dream of visiting Brazil after all of this.

Attila the Hunt

The whole thing exploded because Lochte’s mum unexpectedly spread the news about the “robbery”.

I am questioning the intelligence of people who completely accepted a story that some robbers in Rio using elaborate fake police car and fake cop ID, stopping random taxi, getting all the passengers out on the ground and only took some cash…. from one person only, ignoring everything else.


I am questioning your intelligence when you blatantly refuse to acknowledge the corruption in the entire Brazilian justice system. There’s nothing “too elaborate” about this incident that is not completely possible and highly likely. The cab driver realized her had four, high profile athletes in his car, contacted his accomplices in the Brazilian police, they agreed on a meet up point, and initiated the hold-up. They only took the cash because credentials are useless to them and the phones could be tracked. The judge has now, through what any democratic nation would see as a gross overstep in power, sought to keep Ryan and Jimmy in the country as they are the higher profile athletes of the four. If they… Read more »


Finally the voice of reason


I am questioning the intelligence of people who believe everything they read in the media, and selectively choose one account to make a crusade out of it.


That Harvey Levin site says Lochte is back in the arms of the eagle.


So the Brazilian authorities are allowed to go into athletes rooms’ to confiscate their personal items?? They shouldn’t be able to search Jimmy’s phone, even if they did find it. Something about all of this doesn’t seem right

Tony – they have a warrant, just like they would need in the United States.

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