Lochte, Dara Fall Short on “Millionaire”

  3 Braden Keith | May 07th, 2012 | News

USA Swimming National Teamers Dara Torres and Ryan Lochte teamed up to raise money for the USOC on today’s special edition of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” but ultimately had to settle for the $10,000 donation guarantee after falling short on their 5th question.

The one that knocked out the duo that combines for 18 Olympic medals and 27 World Championships was about the Brady Bunch:

“If the opening credits of ‘The Brady Bunch’ were a tic-tac-toe board, which of these groupings would make a winning combination?”

A: Jan, Alice, Peter
B: Marcia, Alice, Peter
C: Cindy, Alice, Mr. Brady
D: Greg, Alice, Jan

The answer is, of course, choice “A,” but an ‘Ask the Audience’ lifeline had 43% of the firefighters, military, and teacher in the audience choosing choice C. The Olympians went with the audience and ended up falling just short.

In case you haven’t watched the show in the last 5 years – the current edition has a bit of a different format than the old one. The first 10 questions are worth a total of $68,600, but the difficulty and dollar values are randomized. This means that the 5th question isn’t necessarily as easy as it once was (as you can tell from this question). Once contestants get through those 10, the format reverts to the classic Millionaire hierarchy.

At the end of the day, the swimmers were guaranteed a $10,000 check for the USOC, and though neither of these two mega-stars needs the money (they’re both already millionaires), they were surely hoping to raise more to support their fellow athletes.

Studying material above – check out all 5 season of the ‘Brady Bunch’ intro.

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Oh man, that’s a good one.

I knew it went oldest kids at the top down to the youngest…but had no idea what their names were. (Aside from Marcia and Jan – Jan’s saying “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” all the time being the only reason I even knew that.)

I guessed C. Thought the mom’s name was Cindy, gah!

I didn’t either…

I would NEVER know that.


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