Destin Lasco Breaks Another NAG Record in LC

  14 Braden Keith | May 08th, 2012 | Club, News

Thanks to MitkoSwim for posting the video to YouTube

Destin Lasco of the Atlantic City Aquatic Club is quickly becoming the king of 9-10 backstroke in this country; adding to his ownership of both of the short course records, he now holds the 50 and 100 backstroke National Age Group Records in long course meters (50m) as well.

Lasco’s mark went down very early in the long course season at a meet this past weekend at the Gloucester Institute of Technology. 

In the 100 back, he swam the really impressive time of a 1:09.82, which destroyed by over a second Ryan Murphy’s 1:11.01 from back in 2006. Murphy is now a potential Olympic Trials finalist at only 16, and this time knocks him off of the 9-10 record board – he holds a backstroke NAG Record in every other age group he’s been through.

He would have also broken the National Age Group Record in the 50 backstroke, had it not been taken down just a day earlier by Vincent Marciano. Lasco swam a 32.58 in that race, whereas Marciano had already lowered the record to 32.07.

He still looks very smooth in his backstroke swimming, and even without a super-high turnover he’s clearly heads-and-tails above the rest of his age group. He is certainly tall for his age, but at just over 5 feet tall is not towering over his other competitors.  Destin will have almost a full summer to take these records even lower, as he doesn’t age up until early August.

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Great swim, but isn’t he clearly past 15m off the start? I don’t want to hate on a great swim, but to me it looks obvious.


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