USA Swimming Names 18 to Open Water National Teams

USA Swimming has announced their 2012 and 2013 Open Water National Teams, that were based on the results of the 10km race at the Open Water National Championships two weeks ago. Among the members of the team are National Champions Andrew Gemmell and Ashley Twichell, both of whom pulled away at the end of their races to take the titles.

Alex Meyer was also welcomed onto the men’s team as a result of his performance at last year’s World Championships. Though he is recovering from a broken collarbone and only was 10th at Nationals, he still gets a spot on the team (can’t have an Olympian not on the National Team!).

Gillian Ryan, by way of a 6th-place finish, pulled herself up to the senior National Team, which opened up a spot on the junior team for the newest great distance swimmer from Mission Viejo (Brooke Lorentzen). Ryan wouldn’t have been eligible for the Junior team anyway as a result of her inclusion on the senior National Team in the pool. She is one of three swimmers on this team (Gemmell and Haley Anderson) who will be doing double-duty for the next year as a member of both the pool and open water National Teams.

There was a lot of turnover on this year’s Open Water National Team – especially on the men’s side, where many of last year’s best sat the race out without an Olympic spot in the mix. Half of the men’s team is new, with Mission Viejo’s Janardan Burns and David Heron joining Joey Pedraza to replace Michigan teammates Sean Ryan and Ryan Feeley, and the now-retired Mark Warkentin. Frayler is on his second-straight open water team.

On the women’s team, the two new members are Arizona State’s Tristin Baxter and the aforementioned Ryan, who replaced Emily Brunemann (who finished 7th) and Claire Thompson (who finished 9th).

Though this team has some good talent and amazing potential, it is still an extremely inexperienced team. Ashley Twichell, the women’s leader, for example only swam her first open water race a year ago. Hopefully, being on the team will serve to enhance their drive toward the open water sport and increase their experience in the waves.

Senior National Teams

Alex Meyer; Crimson Aquatics; Tim Murphy
Andrew Gemmell; University of Georgia/Delaware Swim Team; Jack Bauerle/ Bruce Gemmell
Janardan Burns; Mission Viejo Nadadores; Tyler Fenwick
David Heron; Mission Viejo Nadadores; Tyler Fenwick
Joey Pedraza; Gator Swim Club; Gregg Troy
Arthur Frayler; Germantown Academy; Dick Shoulberg

Ashley Twichell; Mission Viejo Nadadores; Bill Rose
Haley Anderson; Trojan Swim Club; David Salo
Christine Jennings; Mission Viejo Nadadores; Bill Rose
Eva Fabian; Greenwood Memorial Swim Club; Jack Fabian
Tristin Baxter; Arizona State University; Dorsey Tierney-Walker
Gillian Ryan; North Baltimore Aquatic Club; Bob Bowman

Junior National Teams

Bryan Draganosky; Germantown Academy Aquatic Club; Richard Shoulberg
Daniel Graviss; First Colony Swim Team; Allison Beebe
Jordan Wilimovsky; Team Santa Monica; David Kelsheimer

Rachel Zilinskas; Germantown Academy Aquatic Club; Richard Shoulberg
Becca Mann; Clearwater Aquatic Team; Randy Reese
Brooke Lorentzen; Mission Viejo Nadadores; Bill Rose

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9 years ago

This is very good news for USA Swimming OW – solid!

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