Leukemia-Stricken Swimming Star Rikako Ikee Officially Released From Hospital

Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee, who has been battling leukemia since she made her diagnosis public in February of this year, has been officially discharged from the hospital as of today, December 17th.

Per a post on her official website, as well as social media outlets, Ikee’s camp confirms that she has been specifically battling acute lymphocytic leukemia and underwent chemotherapy. During treatment, ‘complications occurred, making it difficult to continue chemotherapy, therefore, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation was performed.’

The statement continues that the 19-year-old sprint free and fly specialist is in remission and stable and has been discharged from the hospital, though she will continue treatment as an external patient.

Swimming-wise, she says she will start building physical fitness on land while consulting medical staff regarding competition possibilities.

Ikee had been chronicling her treatment through her official website, while also enrolling in Nihon University’s College of Sports Sciences. We also reported how she recently has been able to perform light exercise via a stationary bike in her hospital room, while she also was able to enjoy a short visit outside the hospital with her family.

Ikee’s coach Jiro Miki told Asian media earlier this year, ”She’s [Ikee] getting better day by day. She’s really battling it with a positive mindset, so sometimes she even gives me energy. I’m really impressed.” (Kyodo News)

Asian media reported in June that medical caregivers are not ruling out the possibility of a run at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, although Ikee included a note with her announcement that she is targeting the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

“I want to do my best with the goal of participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics and winning medals”, reads Ikee’s message.




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1 year ago

This made me tear up. What wonderful news to wake up to! Keep fighting, Rikako! 💪🏼

1 year ago

Bless, such a strong girl. Wishing her the very best in her recovery. It would be amazing if she could compete at Tokyo next year but the most important thing is her health. She’s still young with many promising years ahead of her.

1 year ago

Stricken…… 🙂

Lane 8
1 year ago

I feel so good for her. That’s so wonderful and inspiring. I hope she can fully recover and be back to competing soon.

1 year ago

Hooray! Such great news.

1 year ago

Great news!!! Just the early Christmas gift anybody would want. Now all she and all of us can hope for is that she continues to recover and can get back to being the athlete she was in early 2018 no matter how long it takes.

1 year ago

Because not anymore

1 year ago

Wishing only the best for her in her recovery!!! What great news.

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