Recovering Rikako Ikee Most Likely Out Of December’s Japan Swim

20-year-old Rikako Ikee of Japan has been making remarkable strides both in and out of the pool as she recovers from leukemia.

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Rikako Ikee’s Post-Leukemia 50 Free PB: “I Surprised Myself”

Of her race today, Rikako Ikee: “I surprised myself. I’m still more than a full second off my record but I’m happy I had my best time of the season today.


Milestone Return Qualifies Ikee To Race At October’s Student C’ships

Japanese sprinter Rikako Ikee’s return to racing at last month’s Tokyo Special Swimming Tournament was significant on several different levels. 

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Change Of Plans As Rikako Ikee Reportedly Now Targeting August Race Return

Rikako Ikee may be changing up her return to racing plans based on meet capacity restrictions now attached to the competition she was targeting for October.


One Year After Leukemia Diagnosis, Rikako Ikee Is Back In The Gym

Japanese sprint star Rikako Ikee was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago today and she marks the occasion by returning to the gym.


Leukemia-Stricken Swimming Star Rikako Ikee Officially Released From Hospital

Rikako Ikee of Japan, who has been battling leukemia since February of this year, has been officially discharged from the hospital and is deemed in remission.


Japanese Oncologist: Tokyo 2020 Not Out Of The Question For Rikako Ikee

“It is possible that treatment will be completed this fall,” says an oncologist about Rikako Ikee’s possible leukemia prognosis.


Rikako Ikee Adds Light Exercise While Undergoing Leukemia Treatments

Japanese Olympian Rikako Ikee adds light exercise while battling leukemia.


Rikako Ikee Launches Official Website To Chronicle Treatments

18-year-old Rikako Ikee has launched an official website, with the site serving as a vehicle for the fly and free sprint specialist to communicate updates publicly, while also engaging with fans.

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Rikako Ikee Enters Nihon University While Battling Leukemia

The 2019 Japanese Swimming Championships wrapped up tonight in Tokyo, but throughout the competition Rikako Ikee’s absence was felt.

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Rikako Ikee Fights On: “I Will Not Give Up Yet”

18-year-old Asian Games MVP Rikako Ikee continues to give us insight into her battle with leukemia while keeping a distant eye on her swimming future.


Ikee Says Leukemia Treatment ‘Thousand Times Harder Than I Thought’

Japanese swimming superstar Rikako Ikee has posted her first social media message since beginning treatment for leukemia, a disease for which she recently revealed her diagnosis at just 18 years of age. 


Japan’s Bone Marrow Bank Inquiries Spike With Ikee Announcement

In response to the shocking news that Japanese swimming superstar and potential multiple Tokyo 2020 medal contender Rikako Ikee has been diagnosed with leukemia, Japan’s Marrow Donor Program says it has been inundated with donation inquiries.


Brazilian junior with leukemia met with record blood donations

Leonardo Coutinho was diagnosed with Leukemia just after Christmas, and his community responded with 400 blood donors in just 4 days.

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