LEN Issues Response To Comments Made By OSC Coach Daniel Varga

Daniel Varga, the head coach of Genesys OSC Budapest in the LEN Champions League (water polo), made public comments after the team’s match against AN Brescia on March 21 questioning the process by which referees are selected to officiate games.

OSC had two penalties and four exclusions (meaning a player is effectively thrown out) during the game, but ultimately came back from a four-goal deficit to earn a draw, 14-14. See the LEN’s response to Varga’s comments below:

Courtesy: LEN

In an interview conducted by the host broadcaster of the Men’s champions league match (round 10) between Genesys OSC and AN Brescia, the coach of Genesys OSC, Mr. Daniel Varga, made comments where he specifically questioned the nomination process of referees for matches, implying that the current process is somehow tainted.

While acknowledging that Mr Varga did not specifically denigrate the performance of the referee during the match, or her personal character, we believe it is appropriate to have a right of reply.

The LEN TWPC Commission including members and delegated officials are responsible, and accountable, for regulatory control of all regular games and competitions in European water polo.

During a competition season, more than 800 games are played in different age groups and national teams and clubs under LEN jurisdiction.

As a result, more than 1600 referees need to be nominated for matches, managed by the LEN TWPC delegate who will be present at the match.

We would like to underline that we have full confidence in the integrity and competence of all appointed referees and the nomination process.

On that basis, we believe that making unsubstantiated claims in the public domain is unacceptable both to the LEN TWPC and to LEN referees who work hard and selflessly for the benefit of the sport. We are nevertheless always open for discussion with clubs on how to improve the game and our

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