Leila Vaziri Technique Tips: Breaststroke With Dolphin Kick (Video)

Leila Vaziri takes on breaststroke with a dolphin kick in her latest video installment in her technique series. From the video’s description on YouTube:


Breaststroke drill . Practice propulsion of the stroke coming from the hips through an upward push at the end of each stroke.
Breaststroke involves an undulation to the stroke, it has a slight up motion at the end of the kick. Consisting mostly of a strong kick but follows through with a propulsion of the hips

To practice this I do breaststroke arms with a dolphin kick. In this exercise, I practice pushing my chest down and bring my feet and hips high. My stroke finishes with my feet and hips at the surface. I also remember to keep my eye gaze down, and push my chest down and reach into a streamline at the end of each stroke.

One big dolphin kick to breaststroke pull.


Swim Coach – Technique Tips is an ongoing video series courtesy of swim coach and former U.S. National Team swimmer Leila Vaziri.

Each week, Vaziri will be releasing a new installment in the series aimed at teaching a specific technique of one or more of the swimming strokes.

You can check out more videos from Leila Vaziri on her YouTube page by following this link.


About Leila Vaziri:

Leila was on the USA National Team in 07-08. She attended Indiana University and hails from South Florida.
Competing at the 2007 World Championships, Leila won a gold medal in the 50 Backstroke while setting a World Record in the event.
Currently Leila is a swimming coach located in New York City focusing on private swim lessons with a wide range of age, ability, and experience.
Most of her clients fall outside of the competitive elite category, instead are learn-to-swim adults, people rehabbing injuries, and water-phobics.
In her spare time, she likes directing her creative energy into making swimming videos and writing about the benefits and joy of swimming.

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