LA City Council Votes 13-0 for 2024 Host City Olympic Contract

by SwimSwam Staff 6

January 28th, 2017 National, News

On January 25, 2017 the LA City Council unanimously voted 13-0 for Los Angeles to sign the Host City Contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The website is up and running and is promoting LA 2024. “LA 2024 is about what’s possible when you follow the sun.” The sun is the organization’s symbol stating that the rising and setting sun is their inspiration “offering promise of a tomorrow that can be whatever we want it to be.”

Where city-after-city, including Boston and Rome have failed to earn the support of their local populaces and governments, LA2024 has been all-in since they were nominated as the replacement to the former for an American bid.

LA 2024 will be the first energy-positive and solar-powered Games, organizers claim. The City Council’s vote legally binds the US Olympic Committee to accept LA as the host of the Games if elected by the IOC on September 13, 2017 in Lima, Peru.

The budget cost has been drawn up to $5.3 billion of revenue and $4.8 million in contingency. Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Mayor, said LA will be a great host location if the IOC accepts.

“The IOC’s Host City Contract is our promise that Los Angeles is ready to host an outstanding and fiscally responsible Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Mayor Garcetti. “If LA is selected as the 2024 Host City, our low-risk, high-tech and sustainable Games will inspire the next generation to grow the Olympic Movement.”

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7 years ago

I just come over from San Fran CBS – California officials considering stopping funds to Federal Govt . Just the headline but guessing the proposed inquiry into non citizens voting in CA / the wall / crackdown on illegals / visas forSilicone Valley / sanctuary cities . So many possible reasons ..

Who will win ? FEDS can take away all military bases , govt contracts , shipping , export subsidies & even water from the Co River . Plus i hear they are seriously looking at the 9th Circuit judges.

This is great guys – with the added excitement of an Olympic bid . 2017 already better than 2016 which was the best ever !

7 years ago

The only hope LA has is if Trump gets removed from office before vote in September. The IOC is Eurocentric so it will take a lot of creativity to get LA named the host. And by creativity yes I mean bribery.

Reply to  Taa
7 years ago

I think the IOC does want to move an Olympics back to the USA, but yeah, who’s going to vote for a country that randomly bans people on valid visas and permanent resident status from entering the country?

7 years ago

There is a puny secession effort out there in lalaland . I got the t shirt years ago but either way – go or stay – , it is going to be fun .

LA’s bid budget is based on feds paying for ALL security . Sure DT is going to agree to that – not .

Lane Four
7 years ago

LA has pretty much everything it needs. With the knowledge from the 1984 Games, plus the fact that most of the people here are in favor of it, I can’t see any negatives (though I am certain others have a long list). Personally, I LOVED the fact that a number of sports were being contested just 10 minutes from where I live. 2024 won’t be any different.

7 years ago

I hope #LA2024 happens. From what I have read, it will be spectacularly handled. It will be nice to cheer on Team USA in USA, and see all the world greats in person. I’m sending positive vibes and lots of goodluck to them, as they continue the process.