Kettlebells for Swimmers

It’s short course season and speed in and out of the walls can win or lose a race. Explosive strength can make the difference and developing that type of strength was the goal for this kettlebell progression with Larry Arnold.

Larry has been working with this group for over a year. With the goal of teaching the kids body mechanics on land that can benefit them in the water, Larry starts from the ground up for this kettlebell workout. The end result is a full body kettlebell press that looks pretty similar to what I want the swimmers to look like coming off every wall.

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If you’re interested in having Larry out to do some sessions with your club email him: [email protected] I also recommend giving him a follow on Instagram @larryarnoldgram and Twitter @wehatelarry. Anything else you need to know you can find at

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Steve Friederang
4 years ago

This might help dophin kick. I’d like to run a correlation from strenth at this exercise to speed in the dolphin kick. I’d test using a snorkel no flip turns or pulling into the wall and no kickboards. Hard to tell how to measure the strength with this kettle bell exercise but maybe reps with weight.

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