Kentucky Men Beat Louisville for First Time in Almost a Decade


  • January 26, 2019
  • Lexington, KY
  • Results
  • Scores
    • WOMEN: UK 175, Louisville 125
    • MEN: UK 157.5, Louisville 142.5


The Kentucky women took down the Cardinals for the second year in a row, coming back from a relay DQ to earn the win.

The UK A 200 medley relay touched the wall first at 1:39.39, just ahead of Louisville (1:39.74), but were ultimately called for a DQ and Louisville went 1-3 in the event. Mallory Comerford was 21.71 to nearly run down UK’s A relay, though they still got the win because of the DQ.

The next event, the 1000 free, UK senior Geena Freriks swam to the win (9:54.41). The next event, the 200 free, she hopped in and battled with Comerford, ultimately falling 1:46.98 to 1:47.73 despite out-splitting Comerford 27.06 to 27.37 on the final 50. Comerford also won the 100 free (49.05) by over a full second, while Freriks was 4:48.66 to take the 500 free.

Kentucky swept the backstrokes and breaststrokes. Asia Seidt was 53.09 to lead a 1-2 finish in the 100 back with freshman Sophie Sorenson (54.77), while Ali Galyer (1:55.93) and Sorenson (1:57.28) went 1-2 in the 200 back. Bailey Bonnett took both breaststroke races, going 1:01.61 for a UK 1-2 in the 100 with Madison Winstead (1:02.74) and 2:12.78 in the 200.

Seidt then won the last two individual races, going 53.63 in the 100 fly and 1:59.55 in the 200 IM. UK beat Louisville in the 400 free relay (3:20.01) with a 49.54 anchor from Freriks, though the Cardinals’ A relay ended up DQ’d.


The men’s meet was very tight, with the Wildcats coming out on top after winning the last relay. This was the Wildcats’ first time defeating Louisville in eight years.

Nicolas Albiero‘s 22.18 backstroke leg put Louisville ahead in the 200 medley relay, though UK clawed back, and Louisville just barely won it, 1:27.42 to 1:27.44.

Kentucky had a huge 200 free, going 1-2-3. Jason Head won in 1:37.82 ahead of Hank Siefert (1:38.05) and Glen Brown (1:38.07), before Louisville struck back with a 1-2-3 finish in the 100 back led by Albiero (47.80). The Wildcats closed well before the first break, as freshman Mason Wilby upset Zach Harting of Louisville in the 200 fly, 1:45.93 to 1:46.87, and junior Peter Wetzlar cracked the 20 barrier with a 19.82 to take the 50 free. Wetzlar came out of the break to win the 100 free next (44.10).

Albiero won again, taking the 200 back (1:45.13), while Evgenii Somov took the 200 breast (2:00.58) after he’d won the 100 earlier in the session (54.50). Siefert won the 500 free (4:27.59) for UK, then Harting struck back with a 100 fly win (47.78), and then Kentucky went 1-2 in the 200 IM led by Brown (1:47.71).

With a 10-point lead going into the final relay, they finished off Louisville 2:57.27 to 2:58.41 in the final relay, with Wetzlar leading off in 44.06. Louisville had a 45.1 and 44.9 with flying starts on their A relay, leaving off 43.9’s from Bartosz Piszczorowicz and Harting who were on the B relay. Had they been on the A, Louisville would’ve won that relay and their B still would’ve placed 3rd, but the scoring outcome would still be in UK’s favor, 150.5 to 149.5.

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UK on the rise


Wow great win for UK. These athletes swim great for Coach Lars. He is the best coach in the SEC.


Lol maybe for a Women’s only team….

Split the program and promote Coach Kline to head up the men’s team!!!

2 Cents

Hahahahahaha, yeah do that, please do that, please please please. Based on his past, he would HATE that though.


Hahahahahaha, care to elaborate?

2 Cents

Maybe look into why his previous employer fired him, or asked the head coach to fire him….


I asked to elaborate not send me on a wild goose chase.

2 Cents

It’s not a wild goose chase, but lets say you like to hunt geese as your hobby, and you were now told you could only hunt ducks now, but you dont like the taste or thrill of hunting ducks… that’s what I am trying to say. There are plenty out there who know what I am talking about. He abused geese in one way and ducks in another way. Get it yet?


Ohhh I see now.. It sounds like you were one of these geese or ducks… Coach Kline gives you the honest truth related to your swimming or your life. If you don’t like hearing the truth then you don’t have to continue to swim for that program. Everyone in today’s society is so sensitive about their feelings. When you go to college your job is to perform at the highest possible level for your team, university and coaches… And frankly most of the time you are getting paid to do so. If you can’t handle honest opinions or feedback from them… Then drop out, grow up some more, then come back to the show. It is not their job to… Read more »


Well said!


Are you a college swimmer? Were you ever? Were you a part of the University of Kentucky’s program? How would you know what’s best? From the looks of it, the men and women’s team are doing great under COACH LARS. The mens team has improved so much and has so much more to accomplish. Please tell me why you think Coach Kline is the better coach for the men’s team?




@007. The answer to all of those is yes. And yes the men’s team has improved… however like I initially disagreed with.. he is not the best coach in the SEC for the men. (For the women, he could be considered). Never did I say I know what’s best. Just simply stating the facts. Which if you paid attention to them… you would not be arguing.

I’m not sure what kind of optimistic comment “has so much more to accomplish” is. But every team in the country says that every year.

Now I do think Coach Kline would be a better fit for the men’s team, however may not be better. We will never know unfortunately.

2 Cents

Haha, not even close… it had nothing to do with “honest truth” as you call it. I finished my obligation (successfully) and 4 years on the team, he was fired for his actions and did not fulfill his obligation. People who knew him before he went to Kentucky and were coached by him know what I am talking about. Maybe he has changed, but I doubt it… It makes sense he is doing better with the women’s team there, and it will only be a matter of time until you actually see what I am talking about. But you keep assuming things and turning a blind eye, just dont turn into an enabler.


Haters gotta hate…sorry you a so full of resentment, anger and hate.


Who are you?!


Not sure who that’s directed at. Or why you would ask that.


Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.


Somehow, Lulville got #DeSelmed.

Didn’t think that was possible

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Karl Ortegon studied sociology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, graduating in May of 2018. He began swimming on a club team in first grade and swam four years for Wesleyan.

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