Kelsi Dahlia Shares World Champ Experiences (Video)


Reported by Reid Carlson.


  • World Record: Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden), 55.48, 2016
  • American Record: Dana Vollmer, 55.98, 2012
  • Championship Record: Dana Vollmer (United States), 56.42, 2012
  • U.S. Open Record: Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden), 56.38, 2016
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 1:00.69

TOP 3:

  1. GOLD: Kelsi Dahlia, 57.35
  2. SILVER: Amanda Kendall, 57.51
  3. BRONZE: Aly Tetzloff, 57.70

Aly Tetzloff had the lead at 50 meters, turning in 26.41, but could not match the back-end speed of other competitors. Kelsi Dahlia, who was 6th at 50 meters, surged in the final 25 to win her signature event in 57.35. Amanda Kendall touched 2nd in 57.51, and Tetzloff 3rd in 57.70.

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