Kean adds 50 backstroke to his schedule in Barcelona

Olympian and 2010 Commonwealth Games silver medallist Gareth Kean won the 50 backstroke at the State New Zealand Open Championships in a time of 25.42 which will qualifies him to swim the event at the World Championships.

Kean, who is known as a 200 specialist, qualified in 100 backstroke for the World Championships on the first day of competition and was happy to add the 50 to his schedule in Barcelona, “It’s given me an opportunity to swim another race at world champs so I’m pleased about that because I like to continuously push myself throughout the competition and keep the systems going,” Kean said.

He will be swimming the 200 on Thursday and excited to see what he can do,“It’s nice to see some speed come out of that before the 200m tomorrow. I’m looking to backend as much as possible because I know I’m definitely fit so things tomorrow should go pretty well, especially with my 100m time,” he said.

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