Katinka Hosszu Gets a Hat Trick: Breaks All 3 IM World Records in One Meet

Katinka Hosszu had all three IM World Records in short course meters coming into the Doha stop of the 2014 FINA World Cup, and still has them coming out of the Doha stop of the 2014 FINA World Cup.

That, however, doesn’t tell the full story of what’s happened in between.

Hosszu broke her third IM World Record in two days, and has earned her third $10,000 World Record bonus, when she opened with the women’s 400 IM timed final on Thursday. There, she swam a 4:20.83 – which just slipped under her old record, set in Berlin last year, of 4:20.85.

The splitting was very similar to her old record; she was a little faster on the butterfly and freestyle legs this time around, but was a touch slower on the breaststroke to counteract that.

Hosszu Old WR splits: 59.79 / 1:05.20 / 1:15.69 / 1:00.17 = 4:20.85
Hosszu New WR splits: 59.41 / 1:05.22 / 1:16.21 / 59.99 = 4:20.83

Unlike in the 100 IM (5 out of the 6 fastest times ever) and 200 IM (7 out of the 8 fastest times ever), Hosszu’s dominance of the 400 IM all-time rankings isn’t quite as substantial. She now holds just the two fastest swims in history, with the #2 swimmer rankings belonging to Julia Smit, who was a 4:21.04 in 2010.

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7 years ago

Great picture! The Iron Lady is dominating!

7 years ago

Cant wait for Rio, she could win like 5 golds

Reply to  Syre
7 years ago

Hosszu to win 5 golds in Rio.

Is today 1 April?

The last two swimmers won won 4 golds in one olympics , one was clearly on the doping rtegime, and the other one had many people (including yours truly) were whispering about her. I am not going to name names, but draw your own conclusion.

7 years ago


7 years ago

As I have mentioned before, Hosszu and Le Clos can milk World Cup money every year until they don’t want to do it again.
More swimmers need to be follow their steps if we want to increase swimming visibility, popularity and thus monetary value of swimmers sponsorship.

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