Swimming Head Coach

Applications due 05/31/24

Job Description:

Date posted: April 17, 2024

Location: Elizabethtown, KY, USA

General Summary:
The Etown Dolphins Swim Team is seeking a Head Coach to oversee our swimming
program. We are a Board operated team run by the Head Coach. The Head Coach is
responsible for the direction of the program with full support from the board. The main
goal of the position is to continue to grow and develop our swim program, developing
each swimmer to their full potential while building an excellence of team results. It is
expected that the Head Coach will foster positive relationships, mentor as appropriate,
work together with the coaching staff, and effectively communicate with swimmers,
family members, and coaches. The Head Coach must develop the skills and talents of
the team members and coaching staff while promoting teamwork, sportsmanship and
encouraging personal development and excellence. The Head Coach will also be
expected to work in partnership with Elizabethtown High School and Etown Swim and
Fitness Center, and their respective facilities directors/managers to ensure proper
training availability.

Essential Responsibilities:
• Serve as the Head Coach for the team’s competitive swim program to
include Senior Groups, Age Groups and Learn to Swim.
o Develop and implement comprehensive training programs
across all team/group levels tailored to the needs and abilities
of individual swimmers/groups focusing on skill development,
tactical knowledge, and physical fitness. Provide personalized
coaching and feedback to individual athletes to help them
achieve their maximum potential. Organize and lead regular
team practices, to enhance team cohesion and performance.
The position will require working weeknight practices and some
weekend practices/meets with participation in meets at a local,
regional, state, and national levels. Supervise and maintain a
positive practice and meet environments.
• Foster a positive and inclusive team culture, emphasizing sportsmanship,
teamwork, and respect among athletes, coaches, and support staff. Build a
positive atmosphere through team-work and fun.
• Manage day-to-day operating issues, including (but not limited to):
o Organize staff meetings, provide ongoing feedback to coaches.
o Plan team practice schedules and meet schedules, including
team and coaches travel, meet entry assignments, and other
meet administrative duties
o Evaluate training plans with the head Age Group coach to
encourage swimmers to develop short and long-range goals
o Plan and lead parent meetings
• Organize and manage all coaching and administrative staff assignments,
responsibilities, and career development, including:
o Review and evaluation of staffing levels
o Assignment and delegation of duties
• Attend Board meetings and provide monthly progress reports regarding
athlete performance, financial, communication, and staffing statuses.
• Finance responsibilities including:
o Assist in preparation of an annual operating budget with the
Board Treasurer.
o Implement and manage expenditures in accordance with
approved budget.
o Review and obtain Board approval for any required changes to
• Lead all communication to coaches, parents (one-to-one and other), Board,
and serve as the lead Etown Dolphins ambassador at meets and otherwise
(e.g. Public Relations). Also includes:
o Providing details on topics like: training tips, meet preparation,
injury prevention, nutrition, college recruitment, etc.…
o Assisting swimmers in understanding potential college
swimming opportunities and provide recommendations as
Requirements, Attitude and Approach:
• Must possess vision for Etown Dolphins Swim Team development and the
ability to maintain and communicate that vision through all swim levels.
• Excellent written and verbal communications as well as demonstrated
ability in building teamwork.
• Strong interpersonal and communications skills to deal effectively with all
coaches, athletes, parents, Board members and outside personnel
• Act as a role model for swimmers with a positive, proactive manner which
inspires and support the athletes
• Up-to-date on latest coaching techniques through research and/or
continuing education through USA Swimming or ASCA
• Strong understanding of overall balance of training for distance and sprint,
taper techniques, both in water and dry-land, for all age groups and
strength/conditioning work throughout the entire program
o Ability to develop and implement a cohesive vision and
coaching philosophy throughout the program, building
swimmers from novice through senior levels
• Encourage athletes to strive for their personal best
Knowledge, Skills, and Other Qualifications:
• Current USA Swimming coach member in good standing, including all
courses and certifications.
• Proven coaching experience of five or more years and track of proven
success with both developmental and elite swimmers in technique, race
strategy, training methodologies, and results.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with
athletes, parents, staff, and the broader community.
• Strong organizational abilities to manage multiple tasks and events
• Proficient in use of Hy-Tek software, Colorado Timing Systems, and
TeamUnify platforms, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – or
• Must pass USA Swimming background check.
• Required to maintain USA Swimming coach certification, including first aid
and life-saving requirements

$55,000-$70,000 compensation is commensurate with education and experience and
includes a structured bonus based on specific performance criteria. $600.00 monthly
stipend for benefits.

How to Apply

Candidates should email a copy of their resume, highlighting relevant work experience
and education, to Etown Dolphins Board President at [email protected]

Contact Information

Etown Dolphins Board President Tina Godfrey