Senior Level Coach

Applications due 09/08/20

Job Description:

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

Position Purpose: 

The Lead Group Coach oversees the development and progression of swimmers at SwimMAC by planning, communicating, and executing daily workouts and duties following SwimMAC philosophies, season plans, and procedures while creating a positive growth/challenging learning environment. The coach will actively communicate with their peers, direct supervisor, swimmers, and their parents. All coaches will work within the SwimMAC team structure, embrace the SwimMAC curriculum, abide by the SwimMAC policies and procedures and work with other coaches/staff to support the SwimMAC vision, strategies, and values which include the following: Teamwork, Commitment, Integrity, Development, Leadership, and Excellence. 

Responsibility & Essential Job Tasks: 

  1. Abide by the American Swimming Coaches Association Code of Ethics, the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, and SwimMAC policies and procedures. 
  2. Lead and coach SwimMAC competitive practice group and any assigned programs such as Swim School lessons, Junior Swim League, Homeschool Swimming, TeenFit, Masters, etc. 
  3. Plan, prepare, and conduct team practices following the SwimMAC curriculum and season plan. 
  4. Develop, follow, and document a seasonal, weekly, and daily training progression for assigned groups. Maintain a practice log and skill review list for each assigned training group. 
  5. If assigned an Assistant coach, knowing the assistant coach’s job description and utilizing them to their fullest potential while fostering growth opportunities. 
  6. Maintain an accurate swimmer and attendance roster to be reported to division lead and Associate Head Coach. 
  7. Schedule deck time 15-30 minutes before and after all practices to supervise swimmer safety, provide swimmer feedback and correction regarding technique, and build swimmer relationships. 
  8. Prepare and submit swimmers’ meet entries on time. 
  9. Attend assigned swim meets, staff meetings, team activities, and events. 
  10. Recommend practice level placement and changes. 
  11. Assist other coaches/instructors as needed within SwimMAC, and communicate regularly with counterpart group coaches. Including, substitute for other coaches as needed within SwimMAC, including practice and swim meets. 
  12. Report for work as scheduled, including office hours. 

Program Retention and Recruitment 

  1. Proactively develop and maintain professional relationships with current swimmers through constructive feedback, encouragement, and general interaction. 
  2. Foster professional relationships with current swimmers to motivate, inspire, and retain swimmers in the program. 
  3. Proactively develop and maintain relationships with current parents. 
  4. Designate team parents and coordinate practice group team activities. 
  5. Proactively develop and maintain community relationships with neighborhood swim teams and other feeder programs to attract and recruit swimmers for SwimMAC. 

Parent Communication and Education 

  1. Conduct Parent Meetings according to SwimMAC policies and procedures. 
  2. Communicate professionally with swimmers, parents, and coaches by promptly answering telephone calls and emails according to SwimMAC policies and procedures. Be available to swimmers and parents either during office hours or upon requests. 
  3. Establish relationships with parents through professional interaction before, during, or after SwimMAC events, meets, practices, etc… 
  4. Professionally respond to parent phone calls and emails as outlined in the SwimMAC Policy and Procedures Manual.
  5. Inform parents regarding practice level changes before the conversation with the swimmer. 
  6. Initiate parent-coach conferences as needed.
  7. Contact parent(s) if the swimmer is absent for one week without notification.
  8. Contact parent(s) if the swimmer does not attend meets when eligible. 

Other Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Serve as Coach in Charge as assigned. “CIC” ‘s should read, follow, and communicate procedures and information to staff. 
  2. Actively participate in swimming organizations, e.g., NC Local Swim Committee, Southern Zone Eastern Section, American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), and USA Swimming. 
  3. Stay current with advances in the sport through books, periodicals, websites, audiovisual materials, classes, clinics, and by communicating with other clubs or teams. 
  4. Develop relationships with area high school and college coaches regarding SwimMAC athletes to support concurrent club/high school swim participation and also to support SwimMAC athletes who seek college swimming opportunities. 
  5. Perform responsibilities as assigned in the current SwimMAC Administrative Duties list. 
  6. Contribute to the SwimMAC social media when warranted. 

Non-essential Job Tasks 

  1. Proactively engage in miscellaneous facility support as needed, including maintenance, clean up, meet preparation, and meet teardown. 

Job qualifications 

  • College Degree (preferred) 
  • One year swim coaching experience (preferred) 
  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Computer proficiency, including email, Internet navigation, Microsoft Office software, Hy-Tek, and TeamUnify 
  • License and Certification Requirements 
  • USA Swimming Coach Member (required) 
  • American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) member (preferred) 
  • Certified Pool Operator License (optional) 
  • Ability to work in the United States (required)

How to Apply

Email cover letter and resume to Eric Lane ([email protected])

Contact Information

Eric Lane