Applications due 07/31/24

Job Description:

Date posted: May 7, 2024

Location: Q65C+FG Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

• 5+ years of coaching experience and/or level 3 coaching preferred
• Member in good standing with USA Swimming and current on all certifications
• Outstanding leadership and motivational skills with a strong sense of personal integrity
• Extensive background in competitive swimming, stroke mechanics, age-appropriate dryland training techniques, and USA-S rules and regulations
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Track record of fostering a culture of team unity among swimmers, parents, and staff
General Responsibilities
On-deck Coaching
• Ensure coaching of all age groups of Dolphins Swim Team;
• Create, in conjunction with Program Director, a season plan for all Age/Training Groups
• Be responsible for ALL swimmers and coaches at practices and swim meets, both local and remote
• Supervise Assistant Swim Coach(es)
• Communicate clearly to all swimmers and their parents the expectations for each group, including the number of practices and meets swimmers are expected to attend. Provide clear and continuous communication to the parents of swimmers, including but not limited to email correspondence, fliers, and face-to-face interaction.
• Conduct at least TWO goal meetings per calendar year with each swimmer and their parent(s)/ guardian(s) to
discuss both what the EMPLOYEE envisions for the swimmer and what the swimmer wants to get out of swimming.
• Provide continuous feedback to each swimmer regarding their progress, areas of improvement,
recommendations for improvement, etc. This should happen both during swim practice and at swim meets.
• Keep accurate and consistent attendance records of all swimmers.
Competitive Team
• Directly coach Senior & Gold Groups:
• Provide stroke technique education and feedback to swimmers – both during practice and swim meets.
• Develop and implement dry land and strength training programs.
• Encourage goalsetting and guide swimmers on a path to achieve those goals.
• Instruct swimmers in other areas to encourage success as appropriate, such as visualization techniques, health and diet, etc.
• Work with the Age Group Swim Coach and the Program Director to ensure success of all Dolphins swimmers in and out of pool.
• Work with Age Group Swim Coach to outline advancement requirements and to ensure transitions of swimmers
from the Learn to Swim program to Blue/Yellow team groups and finally to Gold/Sr levels.
Master and Fitness Only Swimmers
• Develop and Coach the Masters’ swim program.
• Provide stroke technique education and feedback to swimmers in addition to training programs for competitive, triathlon, and fitness swimmers.
• Plan at least one Masters’ swim meet per year
• Ensure the development, communication, and encouragement of a For Fitness Only swim group among youth (non-Masters)swimmers(in addition to a Competitive Group), and communicate to the For Fitness Only Group that:
• Those who want to join the Competitive Group can (provided that they understand the
expectations and requirements of becoming a competitive swimmer), and they will have the
opportunity to advance to Senior Team as their personal skills allow
•Those who want to swim For Fitness Only can and will feel NO pressure to do otherwise. The
Fitness swimmers understand that they will remain in Gold Group unless they decide to become a competitive swimmer.
Program Duties:
• Develop, communicate, and implement a TEAM Strategy, Mission, and Vision that encompasses the ENTIRE TEAM, which include but is not limited to: LTS; outreach; public relations – schools, radio, TV, health fairs, newspaper,etc.; fundraising, evaluating, and developing growth of the team;
• Assist with team registration and develop strategy for growing the team size.
• Provide clear and continuous communication to all parents of all Teams and ensure that ALL swimmers & their parents have been informed by the Coaches what the expectations are for each group.
• Provide clear and continuous direction and feedback to Staff – at a minimum through weekly Staff meetings.
• Encourage input and feedback from Staff.
• Address Staff issues as they arise and clearly document ALL personnel issues – good and bad. If issues continue and need further attention, the Dolphins Employee Committee should be called upon to assist.
• Organize preparation of news releases for team publicity (including a quarterly Dolphins newsletter).
• Maintain Dolphins website and update street sign.
Interaction with Board of Directors:
• Provide input and feedback on a monthly basis to the St. Croix Swimming Association Board of Directors
(“Board”) regarding the Team (typically at scheduled Board meetings).
• Prepare meet schedules for approval by the Board.
• Assist the Board in development of annual budget.
Swim Meets
• Organize both on and off-island swim meets.
• Ensure that all swim meet info and meet deadlines are met in a timely manner.
• Ensure that all swim meet entries are complete on time.
• Assist in all swim meet preparations and clean-up after meets.
Fundraising and Revenue-Producing Initiatives
• Ensure that all team expenses adhere to the Dolphins’ annual budget as approved by the Board.
• Promote, organize, staff, and enhance the existing Aqua swim (College) forum program.
• Organize and manage other revenue-producing programs, including but not limited to, the Learn-To-Swim program, Public School Lessons, and Swim Camps
• Provide assistance to the Board in fund-raising activities; including, but not limited to:
•Working closely with local government agencies, businesses, and other entities to maximize donations.
• Help organize and attend any additional Dolphins fundraising activities.
Other Duties and Responsibilities:
• Site Upkeep and Maintenance
• Supervise and ensure compliance with Pool Maintenance. Plan to include supervision of Pool Maintenance staff.
• Supervise and/or assist in the maintenance of the Pool Facility., The Dolphins Head Coach is a liaison to the wider St. Croix community and the Caribbean region and should engage in activities that positively promote the team.

The St. Croix Dolphins are based in the USA.  Applicants must confirm that they have the right to work in the USA.


How to Apply

Email CV to [email protected]

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