Head Coach Grand Lakes Gators Swim Team Summer 2024

Applications due 03/09/24

Job Description:

Date posted: February 8, 2024

Location: West Grand Brks, Katy, TX, USA

Head Coach  

The mission statement of the Grand Lakes Gator Swim Team (GLST) is to provide a structured and safe learning environment through fun and exercise in a competitive spirit while promoting a positive role in the community.

The Board has identified three objectives for the swim team, in priority order:

  • Teach and improve every swimmer
  • Have fun (this is a Recreational Swim League)
  • Be competitive


Role Description:

  • The Head Coach is to implement policies and achieve objectives developed by the Board
  • The Head Coach is accountable for the preparation of the swimmers for swim meets in accordance with the three primary objectives
  • The Head Coach is also accountable for the development of the skills of the coaching staff, both Volunteer Crew Members and Paid Coaches.


Specific duties of the Head Coach include the following:


  • Attend all practices, meets and spirit events
  • Act as a role model for the coaching staff and swimmers
  • Design practices to achieve the team objectives
  • Work directly with the swimmers, especially to improve swimming technique
  • Supervise the coaching staff, both paid and volunteer, to ensure execution of practices
  • Communicate absences/tardiness of paid staff with Board liaison
  • Ensure a fair and equitable distribution of work between the coaching staff according to their job descriptions and the capabilities of the individual coaches
  • Provide timely and specific performance feedback to the coaching staff with a balanced emphasis on strengths as well as improvement opportunities
  • Attend weekly coach’s meetings with coaching staff and Board liaison
  • Ensure that coaching staff is setting up/cleaning up the pool as required
  • Train coaches to use the heating software – Swimtopia/Meet Manager – for meets
  • Provide final review of heat sheets
  • Serve as the liaison between the Grand Lakes Swim Team Board and the coaching staff
  • Complete WHALe required training as necessary


Schedule and Time Commitment:

The GLST season runs from Mid-April/beginning of May until the end of June. Practices begin during the last week of April and are held after school. Once school is out, practices will primarily occur in the morning. Swim meets scheduled throughout the end of May and the month of June. Post season meets are held at the end of June culminating with an All Stars meet before July 1st.  The Head Coach is expected to attend all practices, swim meets and spirit events.




The following are the minimum qualifications for the Head Coach:


  • Head Coach must have competitive swimming experience.
  • Head coach must be an adult of 18 years or older.
  • Head Coach must have a current Red Cross Lifeguard or WSI, First Aid and CPR Certification and any additional training as required by the league.
  • Head Coach must have previous coaching experience.
  • Head Coach should be able to supervise and direct the activities of other coaches and 200+ swimmers.
  • Head Coach should have interpersonal skills to interface with swimmers, coaches, parents and the swim team board.
  • Head Coach agrees not to coach other recreational swim teams during the swim season.
  • Comfortable with the use of meet management software to place swimmers in events.
  • Education experience preferred.


The board will conduct a mid-season review of the Head Coach’s achieved objectives as outlined in the Coach Review document attached to this agreement.  A constructive assessment will be used to improve/encourage coaching techniques.  Head Coach will be reviewed again at the end of the season.


The Head Coach pay will consist of the agreed salary amount.  A bonus may be paid at the end of the season.  Any bonus paid will be based on the head coach’s completion of duties as specified, the overall improvement of the swimmers, and the availability of funds for the team.  You will receive a 1099 form as required by the IRS for any monies received from the team.


How to Apply

E-mail: [email protected] your resume and cover letter stating why you would be a good fit for our summer team.

Contact Information

Chad Fondren

6803 Rosemond Park Lane

phone: 12816871344