Head Coach

Job Description:

Date posted: August 7, 2022

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

The Head Coach is responsible for leading, coaching and overall program management of Cascade Swim Club (CSC), in a manner consistent with the Board’s direction and agreed-on Club philosophy. This position is responsible for creating and executing a strategy for CSC’s continuing success for all levels of swimmers, and organizing a qualified coaching staff to conduct the swimming program. The Head Coach will have responsibility for coaching the Senior group and performing administrative duties as assigned by the Board.

Additional responsibilities include:

Program Management

  1. Develop, design and implement a coaching program that ensures consistent standards across the entire team, with emphasis on stroke technique, physical conditioning, and competitive success.
  2. Create appropriate training programs, and periodically evaluate and ensure that progress towards goals are made.
  3. Work closely with assistant coaches to develop an integrated and consistent program for age group and developmental swimmers with an emphasis on stroke technique.
  4. Help each swimmer develop short and long-range goals and motivate them to reach their goals.
  5. Provide a time and/or opportunity for communication with parents and swimmers regarding personal goals and Cascade’s program.
  6. Assist the board and Executive Director in addressing staffing issues as they arise

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for preparing the team schedule for workouts and meets for the year and keeping the Board abreast of any changes to the schedule.
  2. Retain full oversight for any administrative duties delegated to coaches.
  3. Attend Board meetings and provide written recommended actions for Board consideration.
  4. Assist swimmers in researching and understanding potential collegiate swimming opportunities; and provide individualized written and/or verbal recommendations as requested and appropriate.
  5. Maintain positive and cooperative relations with all local, state, and national swimming organizations and community organizations, including local high school and summer league coaches
  6. Represent CASCADE at GSSA, PNS, King County Aquatics, and our Section of USA swimming by active participation in the LSC.
  7. Provide coach input and content to club communications as needed
  8. Work closely with the Board to ensure that all Club administrative activities are effectively carried out.
  9. Coordinate and/ or delegate administration of entries for swims meets.
  10. Work with the CSC Board of Directors to develop and carry out CSC policy per CSC handbook.

Board Expectations

  1. Develop and supervise all stroke and turn work provided by coaching staff to promote high quality technical development of all swimmers.
  2. Establish frequent communications to team on a variety of topics such as updates, training tips, meet preparation, injury prevention, nutrition etc.
  3. Promote and maintain positive club morale and maintain club discipline.
  4. Maintain positive relationships with other teams, GSSA, PNS, and USA swimming.
  5. Strive to maximize the potential and development of each swimmer in a supportive atmosphere.


  1. Minimum 7-10 years of Coaching experience
  2. Experience in building an organizational model, processes and inclusive culture that supports a multi-site operation
  3. Strong leader and developer of swimmers and coaches – both in and out of the water
  4. Proven track record for inspiring excellence at all skill levels with strong skills in development and motivational techniques
  5. Seasoned experience in designing, implementing and evolving training and conditioning programs to support multiple levels of athletes
  6. Strong skills in community building and outreach
  7. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain strong relationships within the aquatics community
  8. Solid planning and administration skills
  9. Certifications in Lifesaving, first aid, CPR

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Please send resumes to [email protected]

Contact Information

Drew Whorley

phone: 425.327.5340