General Pool Manager

Job Description:

Date posted: February 9, 2024

Location: 2729 Marcey Road, Arlington, VA, USA

General Pool Manager
Donaldson Run Recreation Association – Arlington, VA
Donaldson Run Recreation Association (DRRA) is a member-owed, neighborhood pool and recreational facility in north Arlington, VA. The facility includes a main pool, a baby pool, a bathhouse, a snack bar, picnic area, basketball court, parking lot, and extensive grounds. Our pool participates in the Northern VA Swimming and Diving Leagues, holds recreational fitness classes, and hosts numerous social events. We are seeking an experienced, personable, and hard-working General Pool Manager to manage our pool and facility operations during the spring/summer swim season and as-needed throughout the winter/fall off-season.
Summary of Responsibilities
The General Pool Manager will oversee, operate, and maintain the pool facilities, equipment, and grounds, and manage all DRRA pool staff. The General Pool Manager reports to the DRRA Board President and is the ultimate on-site authority for pool safety and adherence to DRRA Policy and Regulations.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
1. Maintain the pool facilities, equipment, and grounds in-season and during the off-season.
2. Prepare the pool and facilities for opening during the pre-season.
3. Manage daily pool, bathhouse, and snack bar operations during the swim season from early-May to mid-September, including the following:
• Ensure pool facilities are always operated in a safe manner and that all safety regulations, practices, and pool rules are followed by the staff and DRRA members
• Create and maintain pool operating schedule, including team practices, swim/dive meets, special events, and other activities
• Create a work schedule for all pool staff, including Assistant Managers, Lifeguards, Front-desk staff, Snack Bar Manager, and Snack Bar staff, and ensure all shifts are filled
• Conduct staff training sessions, supervise daily work activities, handle staff discipline, and assess staff performance
• Approve staff timesheets and prepare payroll information in a timely manner
• Operate the snack bar in an orderly, efficient, safe, and fiscally prudent manner in accordance with Arlington County health code requirements; maintain adequate inventory of snack bar items
4. Winterize the pool and facilities after the pool closes for the season in September.
5. Support the interviewing, selection, and hiring or seasonal staff, as-needed.
Hours and Compensation
The General Pool Manager is expected to work on a full-time basis (minimum of 40 hours per week) when the pool is open during the swim season and during the pre-season pool opening period and post-season pool closing period. The General Pool Manager is expected to work on-site at the DRRA facility when on-duty, although some tasks may be performed remotely.
During the off-season, the General Pool Manager is expected to work on an as-needed basis to maintain pool facilities and grounds, support capital facility projects, and support staff recruiting/hiring if needed. The General Pool Manager must attend and participate in monthly DRRA Board of Directors Meetings.
Salary is commensurate with experience.
• Prior experience or significant knowledge of swimming pool operations.
• Prior experience managing staff, including minors aged 15-18.
• Associate’s degree, 4-year college degree, or equivalent work experience required.
• Active Lifeguard certification, CPR, and first aid certification (or prior lifeguard certification, CPR, and first aid certification with the ability to obtain current certification prior to May 2020).
• Active pool operator certification (CPO) (or verifiable relevant experience plus ability and commitment to obtain such certification prior to May 2024).
• Active “standard” food safety manager certification for Arlington, Virginia (or ability and commitment to obtain such certification before May 2024).
• Available to work full-time from the beginning of May (prior to pool opening) through the end of September (after pool closing).
• Must take and pass all appropriate background checks.
• Prior experience maintaining and repairing mechanical systems, supervising a food service establishment, or overseeing landscaping and grounds maintenance is a plus.

Salary 35,000-65,000 yr

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Theresa Clark

DRRA INC, P.O Box 7023 Arlington VA 22207

phone: 7035010842