Jason Lezak Scratches 50 Free Prelims

  3 Braden Keith | June 30th, 2012 | Featured, National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

American sprint star Jason Lezak scratched the 50 freestyle prelims on Saturday morning, after placing 6th in the 100 on Friday to earn a spot on the American 400 free relay.

As Aaron Peirsol alluded to in our recap show last night, Lezak is a 100 swimmer. He’s not a 100-200 guy; he’s not a 50-100 guy. He’s a 100 guy. And as recovery becomes tougher and tougher as his 36-year old body continues to age and mature, so coming off of three roudns of the 100 and waking up to do a 50 wouldn’t have been easy.

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  1. Allstar9 says:

    That’s a good idea. Like said before, he’s probably having a really hard time recovering from that 100 free.

  2. drdov says:

    Can he compete in the 100 in london?
    As i understand it any member of team USA can swim any event they want at the olympics

    • Rafael says:

      I would (and 99% of people here or in the team) that the guy who were not top 2 based on his country method got chosen to swim.. would be a lot of injustice..

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