Italy Sending Sizable 29-Swimmer Roster to World Championships

The deadline to submit the names of athletes for the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, Spain has passed, meaning that it’s now a matter of announcement for the final few countries who have yet to announce their rosters. That includes the Italians, who went live with their 29 athletes for the World Championships on Monday.

The headliner is and continues to be World Record holder Federica Pellegrini, though her story will be a bit different this year, as she’s given up her mid-distance freestyles for the season to focus on backstroke.

The men’s roster is largely intact, though they’ll be without Michelle Santucci and Andrea Rolla, two of the five members who participated in the 7th place finish at the Olympics.

The women’s roster sees more of a shakeup. With Pellegrini sucking up the top backstroke spots, neither Elenga Gemo or Arianna Barbieri will swim in Barcelona. Barbieri is the National Record holder who qualified for the semi-finals of the 100 back in London, and was the 2012 European silver medalist in the event.

The Italian women could still have a very good medley relay, with Pellegrini, butterflier Ilaria Bianchi, breaststroker Michela Guzzetti, and sprinter Erika Ferraioli.

See the full roster below.

Men (18)
Marco Belotti (CC Aniene)
Piero Codia (CC Aniene)
Gabriele Detti (Esercito / Team Lombardia MGM)
Alex Di Giorgio (CC Aniene)
Mirco Di Tora (Fiamme Oro / Azzurra 91)
Luca Dotto (Forestale / Larus Nuoto)
Luca Leonardi (Fiamme Oro)
Damiano Lestingi (CC Aniene)
Filippo Magnini (Team Lombardia MGM)
Luca Marin (CC Aniene)
Marco Orsi (Fiamme Oro / Uisp Bologna)
Gregorio Paltrinieri (Fiamme Oro / Coopernuoto)
Francesco Pavone (Esercito / Andrea Doria)
Mattia Pesce (Fiamme Oro / Forum SC)
Samuel Pizzetti (Carabinieri / Nuotatori Milanesi)
Matteo Rivolta (Team Insubrika Creval)
Fabio Scozzoli (Esercito / Imolanuoto)
Federico Turrini (Esercito / Nuoto Livorno)

Women (11)
Ilaria Bianchi (Fiamme Oro / Azzurra 91)
Diletta Carli (Tirrenica Nuoto)
Martina Rita Caramignoli (Aurelia Nuoto)
Martina De Memme (Esercito / Nuoto Livorno)
Silvia Di Pietro (Forestale / CC Aniene)
Erika Ferraioli (Esercito)
Lisa Fissneider (Bolzano Nuoto)
Michela Guzzetti (Esercito / Aqvasport Rane Rosse)
Alice Mizzau (Fiamme Gialle / Plain Team Veneto)
Federica Pellegrini (CC Aniene)
Stefania Pirozzi (Fiamme Oro / CC Napoli)

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7 years ago

I’ve got a feeling that Federica Pellegrini’s focus on backstroke stems from her success in freestyle. In other words, she don’t want to and she’s not expected to lose the events at which she’s been best.

It’s easier for her to be 5th or 6th in 200m backstroke which is an excellent result; what else could it be considering the fact she’s not a backstoker? But if grande Federica becomes 4th in 200m freestyle, it’s not that good at all considering the fact she’s the world record holder for goodness’ sake!

That’s just my theory of this hopefully transitory focus on backstroke. If she just finds her motivation for training again, she can challenge Muffat, Franklin and Ledecky sooner… Read more »

Philip Johnson
Reply to  SwimFanFinland
7 years ago

Well, at least she’s competing unlike Agnel, who is really dampening his legacy and robbing us swim fans of some good races by not competing in any individual races. i really like Agnel but things like this doesn’t go well with me. Is he scared? lazy? If I was him, I wouldn’t even show up in Barcelona if he’s just going to ride off the hard work from the other relay members. I don’t know. I will never look at him the same again. Phelps never did this. Thorpe never did this. And I’m not buying that “well, he’s just taking time to dwell” or all that other philosophical BS.

I can only imagine is someone like Lochte or… Read more »

Reply to  Philip Johnson
7 years ago

You’re so correct!

Okay, it’s just a presumption but this fear of losing may be a bit European problem because this sort of behaviour seems to be a little bit more typical to Europeans than the others.

No matter if you have a gap year, post-Olympic year or whatever transitory phase in your life, still please come to the meetings and just give your best. No one is entitled to require more from you. If it brings 4th place, so what?

If Agnel had some health problems etc., I would understand and respect his decision, of course. Such a talent as Agnel is able to give good run for anyone in 200 or 400 free. Swimming really… Read more »

Reply to  SwimFanFinland
7 years ago

What Bobo rumour?

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

Check Bobo’s comment of July 2, 2013 at 1:29 am on this comment thread:

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

I think you misunderstood.

Agnel has publicly said he will not swim individual events, but Bobo said some people on french swimming forums spreading rumor that Agnel will swim individual events.

So Bobo is not spreading rumor, Bobo only said some other people are spreading rumor.

Reply to  SwimFanFinland
7 years ago

I think Yannick will swim either the 100 or 200 individually in Barcelona.

Reply to  weirdo
7 years ago

Why do you think that?

Agnel has publicly said he will not swim any individual event.

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