Italy Announces Official Team For European Championships

The Italians will be looking to improve on their fifth place finish at the 2012 European Short Course Championships last year in Chartres, France where they earned four gold, two silver and three bronze.

Their team this year will consist of 34 athletes (20 men and 14 women) which will include Ilari Bianchi and Gregorio Paltrinieri who took home victories in the 100 butterfly and 1500 freestyle last year in France.

Improving on last year’s finish is going to be a tough task as they will not only be without double gold medalist Fabio Scozzoli, who is still recovering from knee surgery, but they only have four swimmers on the team that rank in the world’s top 10:

  • Gregorio Paltrinieri – 1st – 1500 freestyle
  • Matteo Rivolta – 7th – 100 butterfly
  • Federico Turrini – 6th – 400 IM
  • Federica Pellegrini – 8th – 400 freestyle and 200 backstroke
  • Ilaria Bianchi – 8th – 50 butterfly and 100 butterfly


Men (20)

  • Piero Codia (Esercito/CC Aniene)
  • Gabriele Detti (Esercito/Team Lombardia MGM)
  • Luca Dotto (Forestale/Larus Nuoto)
  • Luca Leonardi (Fiamme Oro)
  • Filippo Magnini (Team Lombardia MGM)
  • Marco Orsi (Fiamme Oro/Uisp Bologna)
  • Gregorio Paltrinieri (Fiamme Oro/Coopernuoto)
  • Mattia Pesce (Fiamme Oro/Forum SC)
  • Matteo Rivolta (Team Insubrika)
  • Federico Turrini (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno)
  • Luca Mencarini (CC Aniene)
  • Niccolò Bonacchi (Esercito/Nuotatori Pistoiesi)
  • Stefano Mauro Pizzamiglio (Fiamme Oro/Azzurra 91)
  • Fabio Laugeni (Fiamme Gialle/Larus Nuoto)
  • Andrea Mitchell D’Arrigo (Aurelia Nuoto)
  • Andrea Toniato (Fiamme Gialle/Team Veneto)
  • Federico Bocchia (Esercito/Parma 91)
  • Francesco Di Lecce (RN Torino)
  • Claudio Fossi (Team Lombardia)
  • Edoardo Giorgetti (CC Aniene)

Women (14)

  • Ilaria Bianchi (Fiamme Azzurre/Azzurra 91)
  • Diletta Carli (Tirrenica Nuoto)
  • Martina Rita Caramignoli (Fiamme Oro/Aurelia Nuoto)
  • Martina De Memme (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno)
  • Silvia Di Pietro (Forestale/CC Aniene)
  • Erika Ferraioli (Esercito)
  • Lisa Fissneider (Fiamme Gialle/Bolzano Nuoto)
  • Alice Mizzau (Fiamme Gialle/Team Veneto)
  • Federica Pellegrini (CC Aniene)
  • Stefania Pirozzi (Fiamme Oro/CC Napoli)
  • Giorgia Biondani (Leosport)
  • Alessia Polieri (Fiamme Gialle/Imolanuoto)
  • Elena Gemo (Forestale/Aniene)
  • Giulia De Ascentis (CC Aniene)



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