Iowa City and Knoxville Set to Host 2017 Winter Junior Championships

The 2017 Winter Junior Championships – East and Winter Junior Championships – West are set to be hosted by Iowa City, Iowa and Knoxville, Tennessee, respectively, in December 2017.

The University of Tennessee will host the Winter Junior Championships – East meet. Competition will take place at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center, which features a 50-meter competition pool and a separate competition diving well. In addition, the center has seating available for up to 1,284 spectators.

The Winter Junior Championships – West meet will take place at the University of Iowa. The pool is located in the University’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, featuring a newly built 50-meter competition pool and a separate competition diving well. The venue also has a large amount of seating available.

This is the 3rd year that separate East and West meets will be held. USA Swimming made the decision to split the meets in 2015 due to the fact that the meet was becoming too large to be held at one location.

The meets will run concurrently from December 6-9, 2017– more details regarding the meets and locations can be found on USA Swimming’s website.

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3 years ago

Hmmm, Iowa in December… And Knoxville?? Not sure the powers that be made the best decision. Horrible winter weather possible at one, and neither city has decent air service. Guess that is one way to get the meets smaller. I’m thinking NCSA’s in balmy Florida are sounding pretty good.

Reply to  SwimDad
3 years ago

Agreed. Iowa isn’t a very good fit in December. Knoxville shouldn’t be too bad though.

Reply to  SwimDad
3 years ago

Seating will be horrible as well.

Mama Bear
Reply to  SwimDad
3 years ago

Cedar Rapids has a great airport.. hospitality and nice Midwest manners over Florida any day .. happy to host this after years of driving to other venues.. be open minded and enjoy the location that invented the Butterfly ..

3 years ago

Iowa isn’t really “west.” That’s still quite a haul from California.

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