Indiana Moves Up Dates for Reopening Pools

Correction: an earlier version of this article said that Kentucky would open May 26. That is incorrect, it is neighboring Ohio that is reopening May 26.

The governor of both Indiana announced earlier reopening dates for pools than originally announced last week.


Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is allowing pools to open this Friday, May 22, which is 2 days earlier than originally announced. The opening is part of phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan.

There is an exception in place for Marion, Cass, and Lake Counties, which have been moving through the reopening plan more slowly as a result of high infection rates. Those 3 counties are eligible to move into stage 3 on June 1, but may choose to be more cautious. Marion County, where Indianapolis is located, and Lake County are the state’s two most populous counties with a combined population of around 1.4 million.

Cass county has 1,574 infections among a population of around 38,000. That gives it one of the highest infection rates in the country, almost twice the rate of New York City.

Also included under the new phase of reopening are:

  • Social gatherings of up to 100 people
  • Retail stores and malls can open with up to 75% capacity
  • Raceways, a huge cog of the Indiana economy, can reopen with no spectators
  • Youth summer day camps can begin June 1
  • Gyms, YMCAs, and fitness studios can open with restrictions
  • Baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis facilities can reopen
  • Recreational sports practices can start if they follow social distancing guidelines, though contact sports like football and lacrosse are still prohibited
  • Inns at state parks can reopen
  • Restaurant dining rooms remain at 50% capacity

This is the 3rd stage of a 5 stage “back-on-track” plan for Indiana. Phase 3 is scheduled to continue until June 13, when stage 4 is scheduled to begin.

The only restrictions on community pools is that they may reopen according to CDC guidelines. Those guidelines, which can be read here, includes keeping patrons 6 feet apart.

Indiana has had 30,673 confirmed infections of coronavirus leading to at least 1,913 attributed deaths.


  • Alabama – 50% capacity (May 11)
  • Alaska – 50% capacity
  • Arizona – 50% capacity (May 15)
  • Arkansas – 50% capacity (May 22)
  • California – No counties have been cleared for reopening pools by the state, though several teams have resumed practice anyway.
  • Delaware – Community Pools at 20% capacity, no swim lessons or team practices (May 22)
  • Florida – some localities have allowed pools to begin to reopen under a patchwork of restrictions
  • Indiana – Adhering to Social Distancing Guidelines, excluding Lake, Cass, and Marion counties (May 22)
  • Georgia – 10 or fewer people, or 6 feet of space per person (May 14)
  • Kentucky – Pools designated for training or exercise can reopen, 1-per-lane (June 1)
  • Louisiana– Lap Swimming can resume at 25% capacity
  • Massachussetts – Outdoor pools Can Reopen in Phase 2 (as early as June 8), Indoor pools can reopen in Phase 3 (as early as late June)
  • Mississippi – six feet apart
  • North Carolina – 50% capacity (May 22)
  • Ohio – CDC Guidelines (May 26)
  • South Carolina – Smaller of 20%/5 people per 1000 square feet (May 18)
  • Texas – 25% capacity
  • Virginia – Outdoor lap Swimming only, 1-per-lane (May 15)
  • West Virginia – No restrictions announced yet (May 30)
  • Wyoming – 1 person per lane

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Kentucky – 1 per lane with a empty lane separating swimmers – so swim teams can put 4 swimmers in an 8-lane pool.


New York will never open it’s impossible with our government


Braden where are getting this information May 26? According to KY Healthy to Work. Aquatic centers is still June 1st.

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