How Fast Will Leon Marchand Swim At The 2024 NCAA Championships?

Triple World Champion Leon Marchand lead ASU to victory over Stanford and then a tie with Cal in less than 24 hours. Marchand also dropped two 1:38 200 IMs in the process.  After battling sickness and minor surgery earlier in the season, Marchand appears to be back to form.  I held off on the NCAA predictions game in my last video, but it’s on now.  Let’s play!


I tanked my 2023 predictions, saying Marchand wouldn’t go sub 3:30 in the 400 IM. I added that my brain simply didn’t go below 3:30. Marchand swam 3:28.

400 IM? I think he touches in 3:29.1. He’s lighting fast, but does not hit his PB.  After the sickness and surgery, I think he just takes the win and keeps his powder dry for the Olympics.

200 IM? As mentioned he’s been 1:38 twice in 24 hours. I think he’s a 1:36.1, just dripping under his PB for the record.

200 Breast? I know nothing about breaststroke. So, here’s my shot in the dark — 1:46.8 for the record.

Overall. Times don’t matter. Marchand’s chasing points, chasing an ASU Team Title. And, I think this is their year. ASU takes home the crown.  But who cares what I think. It’s all about what you think. Drop your comments below.

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18 days ago

The question is- how fast would Leon Marchand be if he trained in France?

Reply to  Aquadog
18 days ago

He would never have met a SCY pool

Boxall's Railing
19 days ago

Look, I’m sure Marchand has gotten better over the past year, but given recent illness, injury (?), and upcoming Olympics being the prize, here’s what should happen:

500 Free. Rather than go the same or marginally slower than his ridiculous 200 IM from last year, he should do the 500. Judging from his 4:07 in a dual meet last year, I’d bet he can go 4:04 (or 4:03!? because he does Marchand things). And we would all love to watch his underwater loop in awe on the way to doing this.

100 Breast. Similar to above, try a different event rested and go for another record potentially, rather than same/marginally slower in the 400 IM. 49 mid/high likely.

200 Back!… Read more »

Gavin Macfarlane
Reply to  Boxall's Railing
18 days ago

Bruh what are you on? ASU is gunna have him stick to 2/4IM and 200 BR. Just cause he’s versatile doesn’t mean he’s gunna do a bad lineup. They already have 200 backstrokers, a guy for the 100 Breastroke, and they need his 2 IM over his 5 FR

Boxall's Railing
Reply to  Gavin Macfarlane
18 days ago

Go ahead and re-read the last paragraph of my post, please.

Reply to  Gavin Macfarlane
18 days ago

All the options above would work perfectly well if Marchand was a sociopathic egomaniac. As it is, he is going to choose the events best for his team.
Also, no way is he 1:33 in the 200 back. Or even a favourite to win if he does decide to swim it.

Viking Steve
19 days ago

Fast…. really, really fast

Awsi Dooger
19 days ago

I’m not feeling records this year. With Kate Douglass gone there’s going to be a feel of a junior varsity meet. Marchand won’t have the motivation to match or exceed Douglass in their parallel events.

Maybe Gretchen can overcome the pale. She’s a giggly type and won’t know better.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
19 days ago

The take that the main reason Marchand broke records last year was Kate Douglass also doing it is based on nothing. I assume if we were to divide Marchand’s motivation to its major components by percentage, Kate Douglass would be in the remaining 1% labeled “other”.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
19 days ago


Reply to  Awsi Dooger
19 days ago

Obvious troll is obvious

Reply to  Tanner
19 days ago

I don’t think they are trolling. They’re just like this unfortunately.

Jackie O
Reply to  Troyy
19 days ago

Their whole personality is just trolling.

1650 Onetrick
Reply to  Awsi Dooger
19 days ago

Troll or not, it’s actually impressive to see this many bad takes in this few words

Mr Piano
19 days ago

Marchand is already so fast that Mel can hardly comprehend him improving 🤯.

Last edited 19 days ago by Mr Piano
19 days ago

Might he swim different events as a challenge? 500 free, 100 breast and either 200 back or fly?

19 days ago

No PBs this year. Big Boi is banking the training for Paris – his hometown!!!!!!

19 days ago

im hoping for a 1:35.9 200 IM 3:27.9 400 IM and a 1:45.9 200 breast but i also rather see him go sub 4 in the LCM 400 IM at Olympics

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
19 days ago

That’d be like going sub-46 in the 1 free lol (or even crazier?)

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