How Australia’s Best Swimmers Are Staying Fit During Pandemic

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most people stuck at home, swimmers worldwide are trying to find new ways to stay in shape. Many pools are closed, but whether it’s in endless pools, smaller-than-25-meters-long pools, other bodies of water, or completely water-less, there are still plenty of ways that swimmers have been keeping in shape.

While the Olympics and preceding trial meets worldwide have been pushed off to next year, many swimmers are yearning to get back into the pool with their teammates and focus on the road ahead. For now, they’ll have to do their own workouts in their own spaces.

Below, check out our Australia roundup to see what some of the top Aussie swimmers are doing to keep themselves fit.

Olympic champion Mack Horton is suited- and corded-up for some resistance training.

World Record-holder Cate Campbell is supplementing her workout regimen with some backyard yoga.

Breaststroker Zac Stubblety-Cook has a pretty sweet garage gym set-up going.

World Champs medalist Clyde Lewis getting some yardage done in the ocean.


No lane lines no problem for distance specialist Kiah Melverton.

Olympic champion Emma McKeon has spread out in the lake with dog in tow.

World Record-holder Minna Atherton is getting some bungee cord work in with her fluffy training partner.

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1 year ago

So lucky they can swim

Reply to  Monteswim
1 year ago

Luck has nothing to do with it.They have worked very hard from the time they were little buggy bunnies learning how to swim THEN trained their mind body and soul to become Aussie greats.

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