Hosszu, Morozov Lead Early 2016 World Cup Points Standings

Katinka Hosszu is well on her way to a 6th-straight title on the FINA World Cup Series, leading all women by 53 points after the tour’s first stop in Paris, France.

Coming off her first Olympic hardware haul a few weeks ago, Hosszu picked up 11 total medals while winning 7 events in Paris. She sits at 129 points for the early-season lead on the tour. Jamaican breaststroker Alia Atkinson is second at 76.

On the men’s side, Vladimir Morozov of Russia holds the early lead with 86 points, 26 up on former series champ Chad le ClosThe South African le Clos was the runner-up on the tour last year to his countryman Cameron van der Burgh and won back in 2014.

Here’s the top three in each gender, per a press release from FINA:

2016 World Cup leaders so far:

1. MOROZOV Vladimir (RUS) 86
2. LE CLOS Chad  (RSA) 60
3. HEINTZ Philip (GER) 54

1. HOSSZU Katinka (HUN) 129
2. ATKINSON Alia  (JAM)  76
3. OTTESEN Jeanette (DEN)  45

The tour continues on Tuesday and Wednesday in Berlin and Saturday and Sunday in Moscow, where Morozov will look to add to his points lead in front of a home crowd. That will conclude the first cluster, and the tour will pick back up again in late September.


Medal Points

Each individual event yields points for the top 3 finishers.

  • Gold: 12 points
  • Silver: 9 points
  • Bronze: 6 points

World Record Bonuses

Each world record yields 20 points. Tying a world record is worth 10 points.

Performance Bonuses

The top 3 male and top 3 female swims of the meet earn bonus points. Top swims are determined based on FINA points. Only the top-scoring swim from each athlete is counted.

  • First: 24 points
  • Second: 18 points
  • Third: 12 points

Paris-Chartes Performance Bonuses:


  1. Alia Atkinson, 100 breast – 1:02.36 (1000 FINA points)
  2. Daryna Zevina, 200 back – 1:59.34 (996 FINA points)
  3. Katinka Hosszu, 100 back – 55.93 (952 FINA points)


  1. Vlad Morozov, 100 IM – 50.60 (1003 FINA points)
  2. Chad le Clos, 100 fly – 49.05 (963 FINA points)
  3. Cameron van der Burgh, 100 breast (957 FINA points)

Here are the full point standings:


Rank Name TOTAL
1 Katinka Hosszu 129
2 Alia Atkinson 76
3 Daryna Zevina 45
3 Jeanette Ottesen 45
5 Emily Seebohm 33
6 Franziska Hentke 24
6 Yulia Efimova 24
8 Katie Meili 21
8 Leah Neale 21
8 Madison Groves 21
8 Miho Takahashi 21
12 Zsuzsanna Jakabos 18
13 Rie Kaneto 12
14 Anna Santamans 9
14 Kimberly Buys 9
14 Shao Yiwen 9
17 Holly Barratt 6


Rank Name TOTAL
1 Vlad Morozov 86
2 Chad le Clos 60
3 Philip Heintz 54
4 Cameron van der Burgh 48
5 Bobby Hurley 27
5 Kirill Prigoda 27
5 Mitch Larkin 27
8 Andrii Govorov 24
9 Pavel Sankovich 21
10 James Guy 18
10 Jeremy Stravius 18
10 Jordan Pothain 18
13 Hiromasa Fujimori 15
13 Shinri Shioura 15
15 Jan Micka 12
16 Adam Barrett 9
16 Mark Meszaros 9
16 Yasunari Hirai 9
19 Felipe Lima 6
19 Jack Gerrard 6
19 Johannes Dietrich 6
19 Nic Brown 6
19 Poul Zellmann 6
19 Sebastian Steffen 6

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7 years ago

NCAAs should be in 25m pools, period. Our college swimmers should be international swimmers.

Mission Bay Alum
7 years ago

25 meter races are very entertaining. Serious consideration needs to be given to building all new pools in the US as either 50 meters or 25 meters, with a bulkhead to shorten it to 25 yards if necessary. And, truly, is it really necessary to continue racing in 25 yard pools?

Reply to  Mission Bay Alum
7 years ago

We have plenty of excitement in SCY. It’s not that it’s necessary, but it makes sense. Most of our pools are SCY, and even if we started now it would take decades for enough SCM pools to be built to become the new standard. And every time a new pool is being designed people will ask why spend the extra money for SCM when USAS, YMCA, NCAA, high school, and others are still on SCY?
It’s like in the 80s when there was a push for the whole country to go metric. It’s expensive and has very little benefit.

Reply to  BarryA
7 years ago


Moveable bulkhead pools make it easy if you really want to. But I seriously doubt FINA is going to bring their money show to the U.S. it would be great to have big pro spectator events especially right after the Olympics.

Reply to  Mission Bay Alum
7 years ago

This x 1000

Reply to  Mission Bay Alum
7 years ago

I think yards races are even more exciting than scm. Personally, I only wish FINA would recognize yards times and that other nations would compete more often in yards (even if only occasionally on a trip to the US).

7 years ago

It is awesome that so much swimming from around the world is available for viewing. It’s a far cry from when I was a kid and you had to physically be at the meet to watch any swimming. Unfortunate that more Americans are not competing in the World Cup. Prize money? For swimming? Are you serious? SwimSwam please provide a list of the money rankings, too!

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Jared Anderson swam for nearly twenty years. Then, Jared Anderson stopped swimming and started writing about swimming. He's not sick of swimming yet. Swimming might be sick of him, though. Jared was a YMCA and high school swimmer in northern Minnesota, and spent his college years swimming breaststroke and occasionally pretending …

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