Hosszu Fires Off 5 Events, Hagino Makes Appearance In Bergen


  • Friday, May 27th – Sunday, May 29th
  • Alexander Dale Oen Arena, Bergen, Norway
  • Friday – prelims at 3pm local/9am EDT; Saturday – prelims at 9am local/3am EDT, finals 5pm local/11am EDT; Sunday – prelims at 9am local/3am EDT, finals at 3pm local/9am EDT
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The 2016 Bergen Swim Festival kicked off today in Bergen, Norway, with over 600 swimmers competing set to compete at the 3-day meet . Held at the Alexander Dale Oen Arena, named after the late Norwegian breaststroker who died in 2012, local stars and Rio podium contenders from across the globe are slated to compete as another chance to tune up prior to the Games this summer.

One of those key athletes is Hungarian Katinka Hosszu, who beamed herself straight from Romanian Nationals to Bergen and already fired off a 5-event line-up on night 1 in Norway. Hosszu competed across every single event in today’s prelims, which included the 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 50m butterfly, 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle.

In her one-woman pentathlon, Hosszu claimed the top seeds in all but one event, which may or may not transfer over to her actually swimming all races when these finals come to pass tomorrow evening. 25.44 was Hosszu’s mark in the 50m freestyle, followed by 1:09.06 in the 100m breaststroke, 27.00 in the 50m butterfly, 1:01.15 in the 100m backstroke and a 1:57.27 in the 200m freestyle. All impressive outings for the ‘Iron Lady’ who claimed 3 individual gold medals at the European Championships earlier this month.

The only woman to out-do Hosszu in a prelimsrace was home swimmer Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir, who topped the Hungarian in the 100m breaststroke. Luthersdottir nabbed a time of 1:08.02 today for a solid opening outing. She was as fast as 1:06.45 in London just weeks ago to claim the silver at the European Championships, in addition to also collecting bronze in the 200m and silver in the 50m breaststroke distances.

Also on the prowl today were 2 notable Japanese swimmers in the form of multiple Japanese National Champion Kosuke Hagino and 200m butterfly World Champion Natsumi Hoshi. Each swam one race today, with Hoshi making the final in the women’s 200m freestyle in 2:04.83 and Hagino easily taking the top seed in the same event for the men. Hagino’s mark of 1:47.05 is easy speed for the Olympic gold medal threat, as he already owns the world’s 3rd fastest time with the 1:45.50 he threw down at the Japan Open in April.

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I don’t know about Watanabe but the world’s no 3 & 4 200 I’m ers of recent years Siobhan -Marie O’Connor & Alicia Coutts could do all those 5 times in one meet when they were at a high level of performance but never in one session. They both come from top internationally recognised programs . Coutts was a 2.09.3 200 flier before diversifying into sprints & SMO was a 200 imer before diversifying into sprints. Alicia could also do a 4 .44 400 im off the cuff. So KH is so much better so what is it folks? There has got to be an explanation somewhere . How can she , with only 5’7′ & little backstroke background ,… Read more »


Height doesn’t rule, technique rules. Piersol, not that tall. He was the baddest man on the planet when it came to backstroke. Irie ain’t too bad, Coughlin either.

Irish Ringer

Piersol is 6’3″ so decent size for a swimmer. Ryosuke Irie is 5’10”, probably a better example, but 100% agree Coach.


Examples please of short 100 backstrokers who could challenge the very tall (Spofforth ?) Franklin Seebohm Nielsson Wilson with a contemporary world class sub 59 & Guys probably sub 52.5 .

And don’t get hung up on just that point -try addressing the others. I am not saying I am right -I am just putting out some observations .


In 2004 i attended a coaching conference where the national coaches implored everyone to seek out female backstroke prospects . They said they must be 5’8″ plus for the 100. Coughlin is 5’9′ & slender & flexible & way ahead of the world on u/water propulsion . In 98 it looked like she would be a KH clone but ****shoulder injury impacted on her progress & she re directed away from IM after almost 2 years out . There are several 200 backers who are 5’6 ish but you show me the sub 59 100 sprinters. Irie was also a technician but has been static for 5 years . If he had more height he would be unbeatable . I… Read more »


At first you can’t do anything about genetics. Take account of versatility, not always the same impact of your joints. Let’s think about tennis or golf and the elbow etc.


About height. Only from Hungary. As I know Egerszegi less than 1 inch (2 cm) taller than Katinka.


That would make her over 174cm = 5’8′ + thus passing the minimum . Kristina excelled in backstroke as her main event at an early age as did Emily Gemma Mie & Missy.


Love how you’re defending this arbitrary minimum so staunchly.. Limb and torso length can also has something to do with that. She maybe 5’7″, but if her wingspan is 5’10”, then you have something…And to answer your other questions, your either hinting at something or she’s just one of those people who doesn’t get injured often. I’m sure there are tweaks and soreness, inflammation, etc at times. If she’s taking care of herself in the gym with prehab, getting regular massages, combined with solid technique you can’t be surprised she hasn’t had any major physical injuries.


London 400 IM Ye & Biesel & also Belmonte have been injured. Foot groin shoulder causing them to miss a chunk of time . 2008 – Stephanie (shoulder) Hoff (complete physical exhaustion ) forced retirement . Steph Katy Mirela & Elisabeth had some of the world’s best coaches & could not manage .

I’m not getting any other female -even her 400im team mate Jacabos has had shoulder surgery .


Very perplexing. I completely agree with you and will say no more.

Its in yo head

At this level its all mental. Katinka is this good because she’s decided to believe that she is capable of competing consistently at this level, training at the levels to get there, and trusting that she can hang in there when her body is saying F thaaaat. She doesn’t even think it anymore though. Just keeps going. There is no 2nd option. Its just DO.




egerszergi was more of a 200 meter backstroker. Gina was referring to height being important in the 100 meter backstroke.


She had 1.00.68 (100) and 2.06.62(200). Yes, perheps she wasn’t as outstanding in 100 but except Seoul (gold and silver) she won the same medal in every important races.

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