High School Swimmers Appear On Fox & Friends For Petition To Reopen NJ Pools

Two New Jersey high school swimmers appeared on the Fox & Friends TV show to talk about their petition asking New Jersey’s governor to reopen pools.

Jerry Zheng and Andy Moss are high school sophomores who compete for Somerset Hills YMCA. They’ve launched a petition asking New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to reopen pools to competitive swimmers, with about 6100 signatures so far.

“Our swimmers are disciplined enough to return to the pool safely and follow the guidelines outlined by USA Swimming,” Zheng said in the FOX interview, which you can see here.

Zheng and Moss lean heavily on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statement from March, which suggested that there was no evidence that the novel 2019 coronavirus could be spread through chlorinated water. The main risks, then, become person-to-person contact between people within a swimming pool. Clubs in other states have found some blueprints they say minimizes those risks, including keeping athletes to one per lane and having swimmers change and shower at home to avoid sharing locker rooms.

Zheng and Moss run through some of those guidelines, arguing that swimmers’ discipline in training proves they can stay disciplined in following social distancing guidelines if pools are reopened.

“Jerry and I have been competitive swimmers since we were 7,” Moss says. “This is our entire lives. Our mental and physical health has taken a toll.”

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good job gentleman

Ol' Longhorn

Dudes, if swimming is your entire lives as sophomores in HS, I suggest you branch out a bit more.

College Club Swimmer

This is very common for younger kids, they get specialized into a certain sport at a very young age now. Also in the interview he talks about training 6 days a week, so they’re probably doing 9 or 10 practices a week. Add in high school (especially with 2-4 AP classes) to that, and you don’t have much free time from the ages of 14-18.


Yep Club Swimmer, though it’s more like 8-9 practices a week, my rising Junior’s week looks like Swim 2-3 mornings, school, homework, swim, finish any homework, sleep, rinse, repeat. She cried when she heard they got some pool time last week. When she says it’s her life she means it’s the most important thing in her life, she just left the house for a hike with some non swim friends.

Ol' Longhorn

I think you made my point.


when training they do 6 practices a week.. HS & Club coordinate so that the kids are not forced to over-train.


I’m andy’s girlfriend. I think he’s doing just fine…;)

Steve Nolan

Well, I’m Andy’s boyfriend and I think he could be doing better.

Mmmm Andy is in high school, so that’s a weird thing to say.

Steve Nolan

i’m a libertarian now, what’s age of consent?

Justin Thompson

Couldn’t we all do better? I mean Bernie losing that nomination twice has to hurt.

Steve Nolan

comment image

joke parody joke

Justin Thompson

Hahaha, that was funny Steve and thanks for being a good sport. 😄

Irish Ringer

Yeah, Andy could be with someone his own age I guess.

Ol' Longhorn

That’s what Andy’s other girlfriend says too.


For a lot of swimmers, just the mere social part of swimming, not to mention the fitness, time management and goal setting, is a big part of their lives. I’m older than the two young men on FOX this AM and I was really able to relate to what they were saying. They were both impressive.


You’ve made it abundantly clear that you’ll agree with anything that supports your political position that everything needs to open now.


No duh?


………..?? i’m actually an advocate for starting sports a wee later than usually thought..but by sophomore year in high school there are some people who already have olympic gold, world records. you’re on the wayyy-too-late train

Ol' Longhorn

Name one man in the history of swimming who even made the Olympic team as a sophomore in HS, let alone Olympic gold.



Ol' Longhorn

Rising junior. Try again.


MP was 15 at Sydney. Obviously no golds then, but he did make the Olympic team around that age.

Steve Nolan

Why should governments put any stock in the outlines written up by USA Swimming? (This is an honest question.)


Agreed. USA Swimming has no credibility, nor do they have any business telling anyone what to do. Not only did they, along with USA Gymnastics and other governing bodies, bungle the sexual abuse and pedophile coaches crises and then lie to congress, they spent millions of dollars of membership money attempting to cover their sorry rear ends. In the meantime, while clubs are on the verge of folding, I’m not aware of providing any financial assistance to hurting organizations except mental heath assistance. Maybe it’s time to dissolve the offshore member funded “insurance“ fund and put it back to the clubs and not towards the overpaid and out of touch staff in Colorado Springs.

USA Swimming did dissolve their offshore insurance company.


USA Swimming has also announced $1 million in grants for clubs:



One million for all the clubs is a joke. That’s like doing nothing.


Yeah, 1 million dollars is a joke. It took them two months after everything shut down to do anything. Not only that, have you seen how difficult it is to get some help from them. You basically have to be a team that runs their own facility because staff salaries do not meet their criteria for expenses. So for the majority of clubs they won’t get any help. There are LSCs giving out more than that to their clubs.


Did your club not take PPP money? If every USA Swimming club took their PPP money, that would be millions pumped into the sport.

I don’t have a strong opinion to share on that one way or the other; however, your comment was factually inaccurate, so I was addressing that.

Irish Ringer

They should take input from various sources and considering USA Swimming probably understands the behaviors of the sport it’s a good reference point.

Ol' Longhorn

Because USA Swimming has always upheld the highest moral and ethical standards in protecting their young athletes. Oh wait…


If you let someone else make up the rules, you don’t have to. Rough comparison here but the smoking industry wrote the rules for many years. Not saying USA swimming is big tobacco but you can understand what I am saying.

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