High School State Champs rundown: Every State Championship meet of 2015

As we all turn our calendars over to the new year, it’s time to look forward to some of the great meets on the schedule over the next twelve months. We already profiled the top 52 swim meets across the world for the coming year, but now we take a look at the American high school swimming scene, which produced multiple records – national high school, national age group and even American – in 2014.

Below is a listing of each state’s championship meet dates. Many states that host their meets in the fall haven’t yet publicized the exact dates for 2015; when that was the case, we simply placed the state in the month where their 2014 championship meet was held. All-in-all, this should give high school swimming fans a bird’s-eye view of the upcoming year.

If you’re already itching to see some fast high school swimming, you won’t have to wait long: the first state championship meet is just a month away.

All meets include both genders unless otherwise noted.


  • Georgia – February 5-7
  • DC Metro Champs (Washington D.C.) – February 7
  • North Carolina – February 12-14
  • Utah – February 12-14
  • Virginia Independent Schools – February 13
  • Colorado (girls) – February 13-14
  • Montana – February 13-14
  • Indiana (girls) – February 13-14
  • New Hampshire – February 13-14
  • Tennessee – February 13-14
  • Iowa (boys) – February 14
  • Massachusetts Winter Championships – February 14-15
  • Maine – February 14-17
  • Virginia Public Schools – February 19-21
  • West Virginia – February 20-21
  • Hawaii – February 20-21
  • New Mexico – February 20-21
  • Oklahoma – February 20-21
  • Oregon – February 20-21
  • Texas – February 20-21
  • Maryland – February 20-21
  • Michigan Upper Peninsula – February 20-21
  • Kansas (boys) – February 20-21
  • Missouri (girls) – February 20-21
  • Washington (boys) – February 20-21
  • Wisconsin (boys) – February 20-21
  • New Jersey Team – February 21-22
  • Rhode Island – February 22
  • Delaware – February 25-28
  • Ohio – February 25-28
  • Nebraska – February 26-27
  • Kentucky – February 26-28
  • Wyoming (boys) – February 26-28
  • Illinois (boys) – February 27-28
  • Indiana (boys) – February 27-28
  • New York (boys) – February 27-28
  • Arkansas – February 28
  • New Jersey Individuals – February 28-March 1


  • Minnesota (boys) – March 5-7
  • North Dakota (boys) – March 6-7
  • Pennsylvania – March 11-14
  • Michigan Lower Peninsula (boys) – March 13-14
  • Connecticut (boys) – March 17-18, 21


  • Colorado (boys) – May 15-16
  • Kansas (girls) – May 22-23
  • Nevada – May 24
  • California – May 22-23 (first ever state meet)


  • South Carolina public schools
  • South Carolina independent schools
  • Wyoming (girls)


  • Washington (girls) – November 13-14
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Connecticut (girls)
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois (girls)
  • Iowa (girls)
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts Fall Championships
  • Michigan Lower Peninsula (girls)
  • Minnesota (girls)
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri (boys)
  • New York (girls)
  • North Dakota (girls)
  • Wisconsin (girls)


  • Alabama

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Phil Jackson
8 years ago

Will SwimSwam think about doing a mythical National Championship kind of like what Swimming World does? It is a shame that we do not have an actual national championship but that is because the seasons are different through out different states. It is always fun to see how it would shape up. Usually private schools win those because they have no recruiting violations and do not have to abide by the attendance zones that public schools do. Here in Texas Zones is a week after the State meet so a lot of the swimmers that swim club end up going faster after the State meet and makes the Texas meet look slower than it should be some years. It is… Read more »

Reply to  Phil Jackson
8 years ago

Hi Phil – we currently hand out a “High School Team of the Year” Award, but will consider doing something more statistically-based as well.

Phil Jackson
Reply to  Braden Keith
8 years ago

Cool! I enjoy doing stuff like that in the off season. See you this Saturday in Temple

Reply to  Braden Keith
8 years ago

i think a mythical national champion state would be interesting.

8 years ago

Nevada is actually May 16

8 years ago

New York Girls States are November 2015

SUNY cal
8 years ago

How about Pennsylvania state meet!!

Kirsten Fullerton
8 years ago

Unless something has changed in CT the March meet is for boys only. Girls champs are generally in November.

8 years ago

New Jersey is a little weird (Expect Coach GB to weigh in here).

The team “State Champions” are crowned as the result of a dual meet bracket format that will conclude on Feb 21/22.

Individual “State Champions” are crowned as the result of the NJSIAA Meet of Champions (no team scoring) which will be held Feb 28/Mar 1.


Reply to  Barbotus
8 years ago

Barbotus I laughed as I came across your posting as on the NJ system I am so predictable. No where else in this nation uses this system. Everyone I have told about it can’t believe me. If you know me I know a couple people in swimming. Most parents ,swimmers and some HS coaches in NJ do not know it is only done in Jersey. No one around the country believes me when ai explain it. That there are many empty seats and more than half empty when the last relays come up. All of the best never come together in the same meet ready go. I have been to every championship at GCIT and couple hundred dual meets and… Read more »

8 years ago

Boy, an October championship (SC & WY) seems REALLY early. Anybody know the reason?

Reply to  Michael
8 years ago

Michael – in SC, I think it has to do with lack of indoor pools to train at. They have to finish before it gets too cold to swim outside.

8 years ago

The five Virginia public school state championships run February 19-21.

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Jared Anderson swam for nearly twenty years. Then, Jared Anderson stopped swimming and started writing about swimming. He's not sick of swimming yet. Swimming might be sick of him, though. Jared was a YMCA and high school swimmer in northern Minnesota, and spent his college years swimming breaststroke and occasionally pretending …

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