High-Level International Meets For July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to be ever-present around the world, impacting pool openings, practice protocols, and event calendars.

As reported in detail throughout our site, elite international meets began falling off the schedule in March, with the months of April, May, and June virtually devoid of all swimming competitions outside of a random domestic time trial.

We’re moving into the month of July with a handful of competitions beginning to emerge and more on the way for August and thereafter, at least as it stands right now.

Some nations have released specifics on how competitions will look in light of the coronavirus protocols, so meets themselves will wind up looking different from in the past. For instance, Japanese medal ceremonies’ procedures include medal recipients being encouraged to keep a sufficient distance from people and wear masks.  The masks can be removed for photos, but no talking is permitted under those circumstances.

With national federations just now beginning to release calendars, it’s possible we may not have the entire competitive picture for July. Please let me know in the comments of any meets I may have missed.

07/03 – 07/04 Corona Cup (Czech Republic)

07/13 – 07/18 Belarus Open Cup

07/20 – 08/08 Italian Junior Championships (held in regions over the course of the dates, with times virtually ranked)

07/24 – 07/26 The 4 Nations Meet (Hungary)

07/25 South Australia ‘Dive Back In’ Meet

07/25 Melbourne Vicentre Winter Short Course Meet

07/25 – 07/26 West Australia Short Course Opener

07/29 – 07/31 Summer Test Competition (China)

07/30 – 08/02 Serbian Championships

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2 months ago

The 4 Nations at the 4 Nations Meet are: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. Mid July, in Vienna, there will be a 4 Nations Meet for juniors, as well, including Hungarian junior swimmers.
The new schedule of Hungarian Championships: 10/23-10/24: indoor long distance championships, 11/13-11/15 U18 and U16 championships (boys), U17 and U15 championships (girls), 12/05-12/06 regional chamionships for smaller age groups (like in Italy) 12/08-12/12 National Championships. All in 50m pools, the entire 25m season is cancelled. The 2021 National Championship is scheduled for March.

Reply to  tkrisz
2 months ago

the mid-july meet in vienna is for youth and juniors http://www.msecm.at/events/duelinthepool20/ausschreibung.pdf

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