Heidtmann and Diener Swim Under German Olympic Cuts in Final Prelims Session

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April 18th, 2021 Europe, International, News


Last day, last chances for the German swimmers to secure an Olympic ticket over the 200m breaststroke, 200m backstroke, 200m IM and 50m freestyle and in the afternoon in the finals additionally over 800m (women) and 1500m (men) freestyle.

All eyes were on Christian Diener and Jesssica Steiger in today’s morning prelims. They are two of the most successful and experienced German swimmers of the last years. Both had not yet managed to qualify for the Olympics. But Jessica Steiger gave up her last chance in the 200m breaststroke and did not compete. She wrote on Facebook that it was not enough for her to qualify for the Olympics, but that she will represent Germany at the European Championships in May. She expressed her sadness that she hasn’t been able to fullfill her dream of a participation at Olympic Games.

Christian Diener, on the other hand, made it really exciting and undercut the German standard time by 0.01 seconds in the 200 m backstroke. The 2016 Olympic finalist came in at 1:56.99. His personal best is a time of 1:56.27. The only other participant in this preliminary heat, Ole Braunschweig, tried once again to break the Olympic standard in the 100 m backstroke. He swam the first 100m in 53.74, the Oly cut is 53.70. Braunschweig has already recommended himself for the men’s 4x100m medley relay. Maybe he will swim the final tonight with the same tactics. After his sprint he swam out, his final time was 2:40,01.

Jacob Heidtmann already is qualified for Tokyo in the 400m IM and pre-qualified for the men’s 4×200 m freestyle. He managed to dip under the Olympic cut also in the 200m IM. He set a new personal best time of 1.59,25 and stayed 0,15 seconds under the norm.

With Jessica Steiger out of the competition, perhaps Kim Herkle will be able to take over the German 200m breaststroke legacy: She finished first in the morning’s heats in 2:26.21. Herkle owns a personal best time of 2:25.56. But she must break Steiger’s current German record tonight to undercut the Olympic norm. The target time is: 2:24.90.


  • Max Pilger was hunting the men’s 200 m breaststroke Olmypic standard. He touched first in 2:11,01 (German Oly Norm: 2:09.90).
  • Jenny Mensing set the fastest time in the 200m backstroke in 2:13.50 (German Oly Norm: 2:09.50).
  • It took Damian Wierling 22.49 seconds for the men’s 50m freestyle. He is the current  German record holder in 21,81 (German Oly Norm: 21.95)
  • Jessica Felsner hit the wall with the fastest time of 25.36  in the women’s 50m free (German Oly Norm:  24.75).

Current German Olympic Roster (Tokyo 2020)

German swimmers having achieved national Olympic qualifying times

Swimmers who have earned consideration for relay swims

As a refresher, the Olympic standards, German records, and already qualified swimmers in each Olympic event are as follows:

Women Men
Already qualified for Tokyo German Record German Olympic norm Event German Olympic norm German Record Already qualified for Tokyo
23.73 24.75 50 freestyle 21.95 21.81
52.07 54.10 100 freestyle 48.50 48.24
1:55.68 1:57.20 200 freestyle 1:46.70 1:42.00
4:03.96 4:07.50 400 freestyle 3:46.40 3:40.07
Sarah Köhler 8:16.43 8:30.00 800 freestyle 7:50.00 7:43.03 Florian Wellbrock
Sarah Köhler 15:48.83 16:16.00 1500 freestyle 14:59.00 14:36.15 Florian Wellbrock
1:07.01 1:07.00 100 breaststroke 59.80 58,95
2:25.00 2:24.90 200 breaststroke 2:09.90 2:07.47 Marco Koch
Laura Riedemann 59.77 1:00.00 100 backstroke 53.70 52.27
2:07.63 2:09.50 200 backstroke 1:57.00 1:55.87
57.70 57.90 100 butterfly 51.80 51.19 Marius Kusch
Franziska Hentke 2:05.26 2:08.20 200 butterfly 1:56,30 1:55,04
2:11.33 2:11.90 200 IM 1:59.40 1:55.76 Philip Heintz
4:36.10 4:38.40 400 IM 4:15.00 4:12.08 Jacob Heidtmannn




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