Harvard Diving Coach Resigns After Allegations

by Robert Gibbs 8

October 09th, 2018 College, Ivy League, National, News

Harvard diving coach Chris Heaton has resigned less than a week after he was put on leave due to allegations of sexual misconduct during his time as a coach for RipFest Diving Club in 2015.

The school issued a brief statement on Tuesday, saying:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Chris Heaton, The Class of 1989 Head Coach for Diving, has decided to step down from his role, Bob Scalise, The John D. Nichols ’53 Family Director of Athletics, announced today (Oct. 9).

Tracey Bird will step in as the new interim coach, effective immediately.

A national search for a successor will be conducted.

Heaton was only months into his tenure as head coach, which followed stints at Moss Farms Diving Club, RipFest, and Ohio State Diving Club.  There are lawsuits pending against both RipFest and Ohio State Diving Club related to sexual misconduct allegations.  Heaton is not a defendant in either suit, but court documents include allegations that Heaton both solicited nude photos from, and sent nude photos to, female athletes.

Bird, a Stanford alum, was a former volunteer assistant coach at Harvard in the mid-90s under longtime head coach Keith Miller.  She has also served as the diving coach at Concord-Carlisle High School, and has independently coached several high level divers in the area.

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Steve Nolan

The use of honorary titles made that release extra confusing.

Just give people normal job titles, you dweebs.


No joke, are these sponsorships for these positions?


Big money! The positions are endowed forever!


That is literally what they are. Ivy leagues may be the last ones standing someday because the positions are endowed for life.


Totally agree. It sounds like a NASCAR presser. Can you imagine if we had to constantly say “The John A. Doe Family ’68 Head Coach of Swimming, Eddie Reese” to refer to the UT head coach? Does Dean Farris have a personal sponsor at Harvard yet?


So pretentious, lord.


Not pretentious at all. Fiscally progressive to protect the sport and responsible journalism for including it. Annoying in an article, YEA, but not pretentious just b/c its at Hahvawd.

olde coach

Harvard is very fortunate to have Tracy Bird available as an interim. One of the best coaches in the Northeast. She will fill this gap very nicely!

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