Haley Anderson Wins 5KM Race at 2013 US Open Water Worlds Trials

Haley Anderson won’t get a chance to match her silver medal from last year’s Olympic 10km swim, but on Sunday in the open water 5km race at the 2013 U.S. Open Water National Championships, she ensured herself a trip to Barcelona by winning the women’s 5km race in what was likely the most comfortable victory of the entire weekend.

Anderson, who finished 8th in the 10km race, led most of the way in the 5km race (though a few different swimmers led short bursts.) In the 10km race, she got caught in the middle of the pack several times and had a pretty rough go, and so instead in this shorter race she sat up front, and around 200 meters to go really put her foot on the gas and started pulling away.

She was a tiny bit too aggressive perhaps on the final turn (with about 150 meters to go), which almost allowed Emily Brunemann to pull even, but every time that Brunemann and 15-year old Becca Mann made a charge, Anderson immediately answered. By 50 meters to go, this race was about over.

This played to Anderson’s advantage, as the wind died down significantly when compared to the men’s race, so the lead position wasn’t quite as treacherous, especially when coming to the finish where Anderson really took off.

A great battle for 2nd also separated from the lead pack, but Becca Mann got inside position coming into the chute, and her superior line got her finger on the pad just a hair before Brunemann for 2nd place. 4th went to Christine Jennings, winner of the 10km race.

Top 8 finishers:

1. Haley Anderson
2. Becca Mann (18 & under National Champion)
3. Emily Brunemann
4. Christine Jennings
5. Tristin Baxter
6. Eva Fabian
7. Ashley Twichell
8. Lindsey Clary

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bobo gigi
10 years ago

I had picked Becca Mann for a qualification in the 800 free and in the 1500 free for Barcelona but with her open water accomplishments perhaps her goals are not in the pool anymore. It will be hard for her to swim all these races.

10 years ago

I take it none of you read USA swimming 2013 OW World Championships selection procedures that was attached to an article from yesterday. It states the top two finishers in the 10k get selected for the open water team. The winner of the 5k, which was Haley Anderson, gets selected as well . The winner of the 10k can choose to swim the 5k or the 25k as their second race. The second place finisher in the 10k can choose either the 5k or 25k if those spots are still available. The second place finisher in the 5k will only be chosen is the winner of the 5K declines to swim the 5K. However, if the top two declined to… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

thanks for clarifying Braden–and I did read that article!

Is there a difference in terms of funding for OW and pool athletes. I know the actual stipend is the same (with same restrictions for those with NCAA eligibility, etc)…but for example, will a National Team pool member be reimbursed for grand prix but not open water races?

10 years ago

So she won an Olympic silver medal last year, is a national champion who will represent us at the World Championships in Barcelona, and if I’m reading the National Team selection criteria right, Anderson does not qualify for National Team selection unless she goes to the WC pool selection meet and finishes in the top six in an event there?

Sounds like a loophole that should be closed the next time selection criteria is discussed. And if we’re taking the stroke 50 winners to the World Championships now based on that race at the selection meet, maybe we should make sure those athletes get some funding as well. Seems like they should have the money available for that kind of… Read more »

Reply to  beachmouse
10 years ago

she’s not on the national team? what??

that’s like how some people who were actually on the OLYMPIC team (pool) who didn’t make national team this year because some times from the later meets that summer (I think jr. pan pacs and nationals…I can’t remember right now…) were slightly faster. While I definitely understand that the times were faster…it was also a completely different environment. Those who swam the fastest times at trials performed the best under pressure (at least at that time) and should be rewarded.

idk…I can definitely see both sides.

Reply to  anonymous
10 years ago

Open Water National Team is top 6 out of the 10K only, and Anderson was 8th in that race. Emily Brunerman was 7th or 8th at the corresponding selection race last year, and has been swimming 2013 so far unfunded by USAS if I remember correctly.

Reply to  anonymous
10 years ago

Jr Pan Pacs was not a selection meet for the National Team. US Open was. I thought it was ridiculous that you could go to the “easier” meet, US Open, and make the national team while those who skipped US Open to prepare for the meet where they were wearing the American flag on their cap could not make the national team.

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