Lochte Scratches 100 Free Final

  11 Braden Keith | June 28th, 2012 | National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

Update: We talked to Matt Grevers later in the evening, and he told us that he changed his mind and was not scratching the final. Read more about it here.

Matt Grevers and Ryan Lochte has scratched the 100 freestyle final, despite being the 5th seed in the men’s semi-final.

Lochte’s was not unexpected with a 48.91, as that will avoid a triple with the 200 back and 200 IM semi-finals tomorrow he’ll want to avoid adding a third race before those semi’s.

But Grevers was a bit of a bigger surprise. His 48.71 probably puts him on the relay at least in prelims, but he had a legitimate opportunity at an individual swim here based on his fantastic 100 back final – he dropped almost a second there, which implies that a 48.0 was in reach for him.

We can assume that this means he’s really going after a 200 backstroke. It’s an event he’s played with, in-and-out of, for the last few years, but now he’s all-in.

That moves Jason Lezak (49.05 for 9th) and Dave Walters (49.34 for 10th) into the final. Walters, a 2008 Olympian, will get a second life after struggling through the 200 free. He’s still got a huge uphill battle to make the top 6 and another Olympic Team in this event, but he’s got a lane and he’s got a chance.

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In your rush for the scoop, you end up with some careless reporting. I like what you do, but this is not the first time. Seems best to confirm after the scratch deadline of 30 min.

So will Lochte be on this relay? He hasn’t earned it based on his prelim/semi times.

48.91 is definitely not earning it.
But his coach is the head coach, so who knows.

I also believe that if we end up with 3 guys with 48 low or better flat start, I assume Phelps is one regardless, that Lochte will be off the relay. If we end up with 1-2 guys mid 48 then he might time trial to show he can go 48 low flat start.
I believe back in the old days (70s as I recall) they even had guys time trial during the team “camp”….I may have this wrong but didn’t Spitz race a 100 back and beat some of the guys who qualified in that event?

ding ding – 48.9 better not get a free pass. 48.4 in season, with a history of being the fastest in the event in the nation = free pass (with some grumbling). Lochte doesn’t have the same pedigree in the 100 free.

Grevers made the right move swimming it, for his sake I hope he can hold back and conserve himself in the 200 back tonight (should be possible).

Hope Lezak and Walters make the most of their opportunity


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