Tyler Clary makes the team in the 200 Fly

by Garrett McCaffrey 6

June 28th, 2012 News

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8 years ago

Love Urbanchek in the background trying to get Clary to go warm down.

Reply to  prairie
8 years ago

That is classic. I’m sure his internal monologue has a lot of four letter words being uttered. On a side note, the guy doesn’t appear to age. Its like he hit the level cap and just stopped.

Reply to  ChestRockwell
8 years ago

Agreed,Urb is ageless but he has said he is retiring after London. Any rumors about where his swimmers will be going?

8 years ago

so happy for him. he was so sad after the 400IM.

8 years ago

I love Jon, always a character and a stand up guy to boot. The swimming community will miss him greatly if he indeed retires. I’m also happy for Tyler. I know he was upset after the IM.

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